Iowa Caucuses are via Adam Parkhomenko on Twitter

Iowa caucuses are here.
photo via Adam Parkhomenko at Clinton event, via Twitter

Making her closing argument to Iowa caucus-goers, Clinton now cloaks her detailed policy plans in Sanders’ outraged rhetoric. Pharmaceutical pricing “burns” her up. Companies that take advantage of the tax loopholes get her “pretty riled up.” And she promises to “rail away” at any industry that flouts the law. [Associated Press]

THE IOWA CAUCUSES are finally here so it’s fitting to remember what I wrote about Donald Trump over five months ago.

There is nothing more American than the life of Donald Trump, warts, ugliness, insults and politically incorrectness, and the belief that each of us can have the same success. He is the ugly American, with his barbs, loutishness, and childish insults, but he is also the successful American who has beat the system to rise to the oligarchy, the ultimate position of power in U.S. Corporate America. Someone who has played the system and beat it, again and again.

[…] Trump is still trying to prove he’s serious too, but like the Republican standard bearer who today wouldn’t recognize the party he once led, the one thing The Donald gets is the mood of America. He’s tapped into it and today feels confident enough to start attacking Hillary Clinton, leaving his Republican opponents to squabble among themselves.

We’ll just have to wait to see if it lasts.

Over five months later we have our answers. It has lasted and now we’re about to find out if Donald Trump will begin a turn to history.

Bernie Sanders is in a similar position as the Iowa caucuses approach. He has surprised everyone with what he’s accomplished which begins with having closed a forty point gap to have a chance of winning tonight.

The reason he was able to accomplish what he has, regardless of the outcome, is because, like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders knew where the public’s mood was from the start. Both Sanders and Trump have been able to harness voter fury.

Sanders made some news on Sunday during an interview. Saying that he would change the Democratic party to take only donations from the people, instead of Wall Street, and change the party’s priorities too. It’s something he hasn’t broached before.

The advantage still goes to Hillary Clinton. Last minute surge from pragmatic Iowans could do it. The reporting from her last rally in Iowa brought memories of “fighting Hillary” back. This should have been how she started but it’s very good news she’s found her again because it’s Clinton at her most authentic, even if it’s not her most comfortable. Diplomats do not win the presidency.

But I must add that it would not surprise me if Bernie Sanders pulled off a victory. He raised $20 million in January, according to Politico.

How it got down to being this close on the Democratic is the saga of 2015 and being miles away from catching the zeitgeist.

The dominance of The Donald will either be confirmed or uprooted tonight.

For Clinton and Sanders we’re looking at a long slog into spring.