Hillary surrogates hit New Hampshire and things get real.  By Samuel Fisch for Hillary for America

Hillary surrogates hit New Hampshire and things get real.
photo by Samuel Fisch for Hillary for America

Bill Clinton appeared visibly frustrated at criticism over his wife’s ties to Wall Street as he spoke to a crowd of about 300 at a middle school in Milford, New Hampshire. [NBC News]

BILL CLINTON is trending after tearing into Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. Something has gone wrong and the Clinton campaign simply hasn’t gotten a handle on it yet.

From Jonathan Martin of the New York Times.

But Mr. Clinton’s most pointed remarks may have been when he took aim at Sanders supporters who, he said, use misogynistic language in attacking Mrs. Clinton. He told the story of a female “progressive” blogger who defended Mrs. Clinton online through a pseudonym because, he said, the vitriol from Mr. Sanders’s backers was so unrelenting.

“She and other people who have gone online to defend Hillary, to explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to repeat.”

This is not an argument Bill Clinton should be making. Whenever he gets down in the campaign weeds he loses his impact and can do more harm than good.

The reaction from Democratic women to Gloria Steinem’s remark was nothing compared to what can only be considered a backlash against Secretary Madeline Albright’s comment. It’s central to what’s gone wrong with Hillary Clinton and younger females but the Clinton campaign’s reaction to Sanders winning a voting block they assumed would be with them is making matters worse.

“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Ms. Albright said of the broader fight for women’s equality. “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” [New York Times]

The impression being left by Clinton surrogates is a sense of entitlement, which is the opposite of what they need to do.

Young women don’t “think it’s done.” They see their lives in terms of the current climate and wonder how they’re going to afford their dreams. But what this comment by Secretary Albright gets so wrong is that younger women don’t feel they owe The Women Who Came Before, and scolding them just proves you don’t understand the lives of women who aren’t privileged.

It’s not like the message of Hillary Clinton’s campaign has ever been electing the first woman president is the most important thing we can do today. Electing the first woman president could be marketed as revolutionary. But Hillary Clinton isn’t a revolutionary and never has been. She’s always worked within the system to push beyond boundaries but never worried about changing it.

That’s just not where many voters are today, on either side of the aisle.

Hillary’s surrogates aren’t helping in the long-term and neither are the statements from the top of her campaign, which is run by men, by the way.

Clintons got all the superdelegates she wants. The nomination remains in her grasp because of this advantage.

Right now the Clinton campaign seems stuck in a continual news loop of shock they’re having to fight so hard, with sound bites from surrogates that aren’t endearing to anyone who isn’t already a supporter.

A lot of time has been lost by team Clinton, as the Sanders campaign gets smarter, tougher, and always remains on message.