CNN: Hillary wins Iowa caucuses.

CNN: Hillary wins Iowa caucuses.

“I had a sigh of relief. … There was a big turnout and we won.” – Hillary Clinton on MSNBC

MSNBC CALLED the outcome in Iowa an “apparent victory.” Now CNN has provided the headline that Hillary Clinton’s campaign wanted. The demographics (h/t casualobserver) should make establishment Democrats pause.

AP declared Clinton “the winner of the Iowa caucuses,” just minutes ago.

Chuck Todd on why it “feels more like a loss.”

Yes, a win is a win for the Clinton campaign. And yes, that razor-thin margin points to Sanders’ limitations in states other than Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont. But there are three reasons why this apparent victory for Clinton feels more like a loss. One, there’s already controversy, with the Sanders camp alleging that due to Iowa Democratic Party mismanagement, reports were late coming in from about 90 precincts, per NBC’s Danny Freeman. And in an interview with NBC’s Kasie Hunt, Sanders didn’t rule out challenging the results. Two, winning essentially by one vote (err, five state delegate equivalents) instead of 1 percentage point, denied Clinton the opportunity to use ANY win as momentum heading into New Hampshire, where Sanders enjoys a sizable lead.

Number 3 on Todd’s list comes from The New York Times.

Clinton advisers said late Monday night that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were discussing bringing on additional staff members to strengthen her campaign operation now that a pitched battle may lie ahead against Mr. Sanders.

The advisers said they did not know if a significant staff shakeup was at hand, but they said that the Clintons were disappointed with Monday night’s result and wanted to ensure that her organization, political messaging and communications strategy were in better shape for the contests to come.

It reveals the undercurrents underneath Clinton’s “apparent win” or “win” in Iowa.

The failings and challenges of Clinton’s candidacy I’ve been writing about for some time and are all part of why Iowa turned out as it did. This is not the day to unpack it all again. What I’ve been talking and writing about is why people who have no skin in the game are unmoved by Clinton’s victory in Iowa.

Coin tosses don’t help.

Sanders is considering a challenge to the voting totals because of how close it was, which sends another message.

Last night late, Andrea Mitchell said that after Harkin spoke the Clinton people took down the teleprompter that Secretary Clinton was going to use to deliver her speech. She then came out without giving the press notice, according to Mitchell, who said it was hurried. Clinton was supposed to work the rope line but didn’t.

This was not the outcome she wanted, planned or expected.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win the Iowa caucuses.

But… It took a long time to get there because Bernie Sanders “virtually tied” her on election night.

It was the tightest Iowa caucus vote in the state’s history.

That’s due to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.