Donald Trump brings in Paula Jones and the women of the 1990s.

Donald Trump brings in Paula Jones and the women of the 1990s.

“The hotter this election gets, the more I wish I were just a former president and, just for a few months, not the spouse of the next one because, you know, I have to be careful what I say.” – President Bill Clinton

THE LAST thing America needs is Donald Trump and his 1990s cheerleading squad, consisting of every woman who ever made an accusation against former President Bill Clinton. Roger Stone, the hit man who helped expose Eliot Spitzer’s private peccadilloes, has revved up his smear machine.

For those of you who don’t remember, in 2008 he formed a group against Hillary Clinton with the acronym C.U.N.T.

From The Daily Beast

“@realDonaldTrump thanks for stopping and allowing a selfie!” Jones tweeted with the accompanying image, complete with an elephant and American flag emojis. And before even getting the opportunity to meet him, Jones had endorsed Trump for president. “Hey@realDonaldTrump I am 100% voting for you! We need a real President with brains and guts!” she tweeted in December last year.

Jones, who did not return multiple requests for comment by The Daily Beast, is not the only one of Bill Clinton’s accusers to reemerge in this increasingly bizarre election.

“I don’t want to see the Clintons back in the White House,” Kathleen Willey told The Daily Beast in a phone interview. Willey, who alleged that Clinton sexually assaulted her while she was a White House aide in 1993, is doing more than snapping selfies with candidates trying to knock off Clinton: She plans to give public speeches assailing Hillary for her alleged attempts to suppress her husband’s accusers.

Nobody’s paying attention to this right now because Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a “pussy” when repeating what a woman in his crowd shouted. From The Hill

“You know what she said? Shout it out, ’cause I don’t want to,” Trump continued. “OK, you’re not allowed to say – and I never expect to hear that from you again – she said … he’s a pussy.”

The only thing worse than using “pussy” is the media talking heads and hosts looking ridiculously juvenile as they play the part of scold. Sure, it’s crude but so is Donald Trump’s message.

Besides, “don’t be a pussy” is uttered every day in every gym in America.

If it’s Trump versus Clinton, I’ll obviously have to provide guidelines for the U.S. media on what to expect and how to react to what could be an epic mud fight using words and situations that will make 1998 look like a picnic.