Clinton, Rubio closing hard in New Hampshire.

Clinton, Rubio closing hard in New Hampshire.

Sanders leads with 54 percent support, with Clinton trailing at 39 percent. The 15-point difference is closer than several recent polls in the Granite State, including one released Thursday that had Sanders ahead by 30 points. [The Hill]

AS EXPECTED, Hillary Clinton is moving in the polls. She’s got the women of the Senate campaigning with her in New Hampshire, with the notable exception of Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders was never going to win by 30 points.

But for all the neighbor talk about Vermont and how it helps Sanders, I’d rather be Hillary Clinton than him right now.

A lot of history with the Clintons and this important New England state.

I won’t set expectations to crazy to say that Hillary will win but she definitely could win.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump better listen up. That noise he hears behind him is a man whose campaign has steadily, calmly, and without much fanfare, become the establishment slayer.

As for Chris Christie, the boy in the bubble is poised to pop his presidential dreams.