Black Lives Matter activist confronts Hillary Clinton about her 1990s views on race and criminal justice. screen capture from video below

Black Lives Matter activist confronts Hillary Clinton about her 1990s views on race and criminal justice.
Screen capture from video below

THE BLACK LIVES MATTER activist Ashley Williams confronted Hillary Clinton in South Carolina on Wednesday, standing up at a private event to call Clinton out on her “super predators” statement from the 1990s.

After Huffington Post reported on the event the video quickly went viral. The hashtag #WhichHillary attached to it.

Youth activist Ashley Williams demanded that the Democratic presidential candidate account for inconsistencies in her record on race, specifically around comments she made about crime in 1996.

Williams said she and a colleague, whom she did not identify, contributed $500 to attend the Clinton event, which was held at a private residence and was attended by around 100 guests.

[…] As Clinton spoke to the crowd, Williams stood to her side and held a sign quoting controversial statements Clinton made in 1996 in reference to at-risk youth, when she said “we have to bring them to heel.”

Bloomberg has reporting on South Carolina feminists that confirm the age gap is alive and well in the south but there’s no evidence it will keep Clinton from prevailing in the state.

… Sitting opposite was Cynthia Beavin, a 20-year-old junior who created her own major: sexual and reproductive health rights in developing countries. She said she’s been a socialist for three years and sees in Sanders a revolutionary capable of building a government not beholden to the whims of Wall Street and rich white men. With an aghast expression, she recalled Clinton’s claim in a debate that she can’t embody the “establishment” by virtue of her gender.

“I really hate that because, yes, it is so important that we have a woman president but that doesn’t mean I want any woman to be a president,” she said. “To use her vagina to say that that’s somehow what makes her better? To me that’s not feminism. She’s just reducing herself down to her vagina. That doesn’t sit well with me.” …

South Carolina still looks like it will be a big win for Clinton on Saturday.

This latest narrative to go viral on Clinton is getting a lot more attention than the positive things she’s been doing in the state, where she continues to campaign.

Bernie Sanders is hopscotching across the midwest and Super Tuesday states continuing to draw massive crowds as he looks to acquiring delegates anywhere he can.