Trump just keeps coming.  Cruz lands a punch.

Trump just keeps coming. Cruz lands a punch.

A Republican National Committeeman delivered a call-to-arms aimed at Donald Trump during a closed-door GOP meeting on Thursday, urging his colleagues to take a forceful stand against those who he said were destroying the party’s brand. [Politico]

NOBODY STOPPED Donald Trump last night.

Ted Cruz had very good moments too. His answer to Trump’s birther charge was prepared and delivered perfectly. Trump coming to the defense of “New York values” by citing 9/11 and how New Yorkers worked together was heartfelt and made Cruz look mean-spirited. Marco Rubio just may have done himself enough good to separate himself from Ben Carson in Iowa.

From Politico’s “Wrongometer” on policy

Cruz’s Goldman loan: NOT just a ‘paperwork error’

Ted Cruz tried to minimize the $1 million loan from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup that the New York Times revealed he failed to disclose, suggesting his campaign made a paperwork error, but it’s not significant because he disclosed it elsewhere. He’s referring to the disclosures of his personal finances he made as a senator, as opposed to the disclosures his campaign has to make to the Federal Election Commission. But the Times story quoted a political-law expert rejecting that excuse: you still have to comply with the FEC rules. The fact is Cruz’s campaign lied when it said the cash injection came from “personal funds.” — Isaac Arnsdorf

I’m still not seeing anyone dislodge Donald Trump from his lead. He had his best debate night ever. It’s remarkable that he keeps #winning while offering little of substance on most questions. When he does answer questions he goes straight for the heart strings.

If your mind wasn’t blown by last night’s debate take a look at the video below.