THIS IS a podcast teaser of my new novel, Below the Beltway, which is out next Wednesday, February 3rd. Some people would call it romance, which is great, but I call it dirty fiction.

After I wrote “Romance or ‘Dirty Fiction” over on my Facebook author page I had to smile at this article on Bustle.

What about those who are more literary inclined? Not everyone wants to pick up a romance novel when they’re in the mood for a sexy read — not that there’s anything wrong with romance novels. Luckily, the literary world is positively dripping with books that are probably way dirtier than you ever realized. To celebrate this, I’ve compiled a list of 11 literary books that might just surprise you with their sexiness. From the French revolution to the swinging ’70s, and even including a book that became infamous thanks to a certain president’s infidelity, these books are guaranteed to speed your pulse… or at least surprise you.

A Little taste of what I wrote.

When you’re a female author who decides to turn to fiction it gets complicated when you intend to reveal passions of characters on the page, not just hint that characters have sex somewhere beyond shadow images and fading music.

Why do I call my first novel “dirty fiction”? […]

[…] Is there a difference between dirty fiction and romance novels?

That’s for readers to decide, but as a writer, the focus for me was on the story, the relationships, which demanded characters that live full lives. That meant they have corporeal passions that drive them as much as anything. It meant the lead female character was strong, independent, and brave.

But when a woman writes dirty fiction how serious can she be?[read on]

That means it’s for adults only. The focus is on character, plotline, as well as the personal satisfaction side of life, if you will, that makes life so worth living.

This post is G-rated but the book is not.

The book was a joy to write, which I also explain over on my Facebook author page. If you go over to my author page I’d so appreciate if you would “like” it and share it. It makes all the difference in getting the word out about my book.

Making the turn to fiction all began when I was invited to the Baltimore Book Festival, actually, one of the biggest events for authors in the region. Back in 2014 when I was marketing my last non-fiction book. I wrote a post about it over on Facebook, where I talk about what I’m writing.

The topics in the book are nothing new to me.

Using what I’ve learned over the years I was in the relationship, dating, and sex business was a kick.

Mercury Retrograde
Starlet Power
No Rules
Beltway Bay
Playing Rough
No Sanctuary
Scorned and Dangerous
Deadly Warning
Bodyguards — and Innocents
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