Republican speech police are in rabid pursuit of Democrats who have chosen the high ground.

Republican speech police are in rabid pursuit of Democrats who have chosen the high ground.

IT IS a brave statement Democrats are making through an ad that refuses to cave to the GOP speech police, who are demanding everyone rally ’round “radical Islam,” or else. The DNC launches it amid Republican presidential candidates losing their minds over how to label ISIS cultists, who are murderers with no relationship whatsoever to anything spiritual.

Donald Trump started it and is now desperately trying to fix it.

Asked by the Yahoo reporter about the possibility of a database for Muslims or “a form of special identification that noted their religion,” Mr. Trump did not reject either idea. Later that day, as Mr. Trump left a campaign event in Iowa, an NBC reporter followed up. Asked if he would set up a database to track Muslims, Mr. Trump replied, “I would certainly implement that. Absolutely.”

Asked about the effect that would have, however, he replied, “It would stop people from coming in illegally” — perhaps suggesting that Mr. Trump, who has vowed to build a “beautiful” wall along the Mexican border, was not focused on the question.

And when the NBC reporter approached Mr. Trump a second time and asked about the difference between registering Muslims and what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, Mr. Trump grew impatient: “You tell me,” he said.

Personally, I don’t really give a damn if someone calls ISIS “radical Islam.” But I do have to wonder how Sean Hannity, Tony Perkins and others on the right would feel if political writers & pundits started pegging their faith as “radical Christianity,” because of beliefs that go against the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as well as how the majority of America feels, as enshrined by the highest U.S. court.

Over at Mediaite, a conservative is revving up the GOP speech police, making sure everyone sees the DNC ad, claiming it’s “laughingly stupid.” It doesn’t take an expert to understand that anything that elicits the gigantic whine it did from conservatives has obviously hit the right nerve.

That’s because Republicans have a lot riding on ostracizing Muslims, as well as desperate refugees fleeing ISIS’s torture and abominable cruelty. Evidently, the GOP thinks that if they can rally the nation around fear they’ll have a chance of winning in 2016.

The problem is that people don’t live in fear for long because it’s anathema to living life.

Republicans, in particular, like to wear their faith on their sleeve, but they don’t seem to live by that faith through their politics. We see it all the time. Cutting programs for the poor. Ignoring the meaning of what it means to be conservative by putting their noses in people’s private business. Deciding who is strong on national security by the rhetoric a person uses, even when it emboldens the very people the world is fighting to stop.

ISIS wants America to ostracize Muslims, put them in a category that no other refugee has ever had to face. Making innocent women and children, as well as innocent Muslim men, pay the price for the godless cultists on a rampage of death and destruction.

Democrats are taking the high road, yet again, which is commendable.

I’m just wondering, with what the middle class is facing right now, if this is the smartest place to make your stand. Standing on principle doesn’t win presidential elections. Understanding the American mood and harnessing it to your own benefit does, which is exactly what Republicans think they’re doing. A lot can happen in a year, however.

The term “radical Islam” doesn’t inherently blame all of Islam or all Muslims, just the radicals. The reason Democrats won’t accept that idea is that Republicans don’t actually agree with it, which can be seen through the speech of Donald “Muslim registry” Trump, Ben “rabid dogs” Carson, as well as Marco “close down the mosques, but don’t forget cafes, diners, and internet sites Rubio.