Donald Trump nixes Telemundo debate Jeb! wanted.

Donald Trump nixes Telemundo debate Jeb! wanted.

The campaigns reached an early consensus on one issue, according to several operatives in the room: the secure standing of Fox News Channel. Any changes would be applied to debates after next week’s Fox Business Network debate. Among the reasons, according to one operative in the room, was that “people are afraid to make Roger [Ailes] mad,” a reference to the network’s chief. [Washington Post]

THE FUNNIEST thing in the amazing autopsy of the Republican party’s debate debacle on CNBC is that Ted Cruz thinks Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, if brought in as moderators, could fix their debate problems. Behind it all seems to be the alliance of Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Sunday’s meeting was facilitated by longtime Republican attorney and fixer Ben Ginsberg, who is unaffiliated and has crafted deals between the networks and presidential campaigns. “I’m just here for dinner with friends,” Ginsberg told a pursuing swarm of reporters as he located the room.

Noticeably absent from the debate autopsy is any sign of Marco Rubio, a man who turned the last debate to his favor by vivisecting a pitiful attack by Jeb! Bush, whose campaign is on life support.

In fact, after the CNBC debate Marco Rubio got one thing his campaign has been missing since it began. A billionaire financier whose great talent is raising large sums of money from Republicans, something Rubio’s campaign needs badly if the media darling is going to make his way to where Trump and Carson stand, leading the GOP pack.

Singer is one of the GOP’s leading bundlers, and is able to easily invest millions of dollars into a super PAC. He is likely to make a large contribution to one of the outside groups allied with Rubio’s presidential campaign. And it could help Rubio’s official campaign — which only raised $6 million in the most recent fundraising quarter — raise the cash necessary to challenge Bush.

In a letter to donors obtained by CNN, Singer, who backed Rubio during his Senate campaign in 2010, praised the senator’s positions on higher education and welfare reform, his pledge to replace Obamacare and his support for Israel. Singer also called Rubio “the best explainer of conservatism in public life today” and the candidate best positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton next fall.

What none of this addresses is the one big mistake Republicans are making. Donald Trump pitched a fit about having a debate sponsored by Telemundo, when it was pushed by team Jeb!. So the RNC nixed it, according to Politico.

“We don’t want that,” one person present quoted Lewandowski as saying. “We won’t go.”

Somebody needs to explain to Republicans that they can’t win a presidential election by ignoring Hispanics.

But Hillary Clinton thanks the RNC and its members for being so dense.