Fox Business and Republicans have a lot to prove tonight. Screen capture from Marco Rubio ad.

Fox Business and Republicans have something to prove tonight.
Screen capture from Marco Rubio ad below.

“CNBC never asked the real questions, never covered the real issues. That’s why on November 10, the real debate about our economy and our future is only on Fox Business Network.” [The Washington Post]

AFTER THE Ben Carson fib-a-rama, not to mention all the bellyaching, Republicans on stage tonight have something to prove. So does Fox Business, which has a chance to show CNBC how a debate is supposed to go. Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto of Fox Business have to back up the trash-talking aimed at their rival network. Bartiromo is a tough professional, who will delight in besting CNBC, where she became “Money Honey.” She’s been caught up before, so it will be interesting watching her, as it always is. As for Cavuto… meh.

THE FIX: What’s your strategy if — or when — a candidate pushes back and says, “Hey, that’s not a fair question?”

BARTIROMO: Hopefully it is a fair question. Look, I’m working on behalf of the voter, that person who needs information to make a decision. If it helps educate and empower the voter, then it’s a fair question.

The big question is how Ben Carson will react on stage after a grueling vetting that has diminished his candidacy among the wider public, but not his ardent faith-based supporters.

Jeb Bush has already warned he’s coming for Marco Rubio.

From NBC News

Another Bush-vs.-Rubio fight sets the stage for tonight’s GOP debate: Tonight’s fourth Republican presidential debate picks up where the last one left off — with Jeb Bush in desperate need of a strong showing, and with his team (this time his Super PAC) picking a fight with Marco Rubio. The Right to Rise Super PAC “has filmed a provocative video casting his rival Marco Rubio as ultimately unelectable because of his hard-line stand against abortion,” the New York Times reported last night. “That group, which has raised more than $100 million, has asked voters in New Hampshire how they feel about Mr. Rubio’s skipping important votes in the Senate. And the group’s chief strategist has boasted of his willingness to spend as much as $20 million to damage Mr. Rubio’s reputation and halt his sudden ascent in the polls, according to three people told of the claim.” In response, the Rubio campaign has released a brand-new online ad in response to the New York Times article, and it’s full of instances where Bush has praised Rubio. “I’m a huge Marco fan,” Bush says at the ad’s end.

The Rubio campaign answered Jeb! with a priceless ad.

It’s a big night for Fox Business.

Anyone else think Chris Christie in the undercard debate could benefit?

…and then there’s Donald Trump, fresh off his SNL hosting stint, and someone who still leads, but needs to add policy meat to his performances.