Hillary Clinton Dominates Debate, Catches Sanders Off Guard on Guns.

Hillary Clinton Dominates Debate, Catches Sanders Off Guard on Guns.

“The American people are sick of hearing about your damn emails.”Senator Bernie Sanders

AFTER THE worst year a candidate can have, Hillary Clinton stepped out on the debate stage with something up her sleeve. Not long into the debate she wheeled her focus towards Bernie Sanders and caught him flatfooted on guns, from which he never recovered. Clinton didn’t look back. Or left, or right, because Anderson Cooper didn’t allow for a moment to lapse so the candidates could rest. It was all substance. Sanders was the one who brought up the email issue, which gave Clinton another boost, but Bernie didn’t care, because he knew those “damn emails” aren’t the most important issue.

While repeating that her private e-mail server was a “mistake,” she said the House committee that exposed the issue was “a partisan vehicle, as admitted by the House Republican majority leader, Mr. McCarthy, to drive down my poll numbers.” She added: “I am still standing.” – Dana Milbank

Beyond the title fight between Clinton and Sanders, we found out that Jim Webb killed a man and didn’t think he was given enough time. Martin O’Malley endorsed Clinton in ’08. And Lincoln Chafee, well…

One moment was particularly bad for Sanders, when Jim Webb was talking and Anderson Cooper pivoted to Sanders, who looked like he’d either been thinking about something else or just spaced. Sputtering, he tried to make the turn to talk about Putin, but all that was revealed was how badly unprepared he is to talk about foreign policy.

Not all of Clinton’s answers were perfect, with every time she brought up one of her “plans,” stopping her natural progression of building what she was doing. Her response to Edward Snowden was awful, but that’s hardly shocking.

Debate preparation for Hillary was flawless, but the execution was nothing short of epic. It didn’t take long after her pivot on guns that she knew she’d surprised Bernie Sanders. All it takes in a debate competition is one moment when your opponent rattles you or switches up the timing and things can begin to go south. Clinton sensed she had control of things, started to relax, smile and she finally knew, after 10 months of living hell, that she had it back.

All of it, her dreams, her hopes, and those of her loyal supporters who have been tearing their hair out hoping she’d wake the fuck up and bring it like she did in ’08.

But really, how good was Hillary’s game plan? Not only did she embrace President Obama, but she made the case for herself leaving very little room for Joe Biden to enter.

Las Vegas is good for Hillary Clinton. Gamble big and you can win big. She did that tonight and won. Huge.

The Benghazi committee, oh, she’s got this.