Trevor Noah rocks on his first show out, putting fans at ease.

Trevor Noah rocks on his first show out, putting fans at ease.

IT ISN’T easy following Jon Stewart. In the opening episodes of the new “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah proved that he gets people’s angst about losing their political guide, while proving he can do the job. The most stunning thing so far this week is a quote he captured from the interview with Hillary and Lena Dunham in the “Lenny Letter,” which no one is talking about but is revealing. DailyKos, MSNBC and others wrote about it, but it’s not gotten much traction.

People are more interested in the back and forth about Lenny Kravitz’s penis.

After watching online videos available of Noah, to say I was skeptical about him was an understatement, but I also knew Stewart wouldn’t hand the helm to just anyone. He didn’t. And in case you’re wondering, no one is safe from Noah’s eviscerating wit, including himself.

He also showed a clip of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) awkwardly telling Fox News that he was a “West Coast” rap fan. “You don’t think Biggie [Smalls] and Tupac [Shakur] should have killed each other?” Noah asked sarcastically. “I’m glad you clarified that for us, because I was really fooled by your ‘thug life’ exterior, Rubio.” [transcript via Raw Story]

Trevor Noah spotlighted the Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton interview in “Lenny,” which deserved the treatment he gave it. It’s stunning to hear Hillary Clinton explain away excitement for a candidate. It’s even more interesting that the quote in the video Trevor Noah used isn’t in the interview that was emailed out.

“Sometimes it is choices between people that none of whom excite you, but studied enough to figure out, okay, if I vote for this person over that person I’m more likely to see progress on something I care about it. If you can’t get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway.” – Hillary Clinton

Ben Carson and Kanye West were tagged as having “rampant homophobia.”

“I’m sure Dr. Ben Carson can find something he likes about hip-hop,” the host continued. “For example, the rampant homophobia. See? You guys have more in common than you think — no homo.” [transcript via “Raw Story]

After two episodes the very best news for fans of Stewart’s “The Daily Show” is that Trevor Noah isn’t changing anything. He is adding sharp, intelligent comedy with his brand stamped on it, which in his opening night episode was hilarious.

Tonight Noah interviews his first politician, Governor Chris Christie.

I’ll be watching and taping every single episode.

Jon Stewart was right about Trevor Noah.

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