Jeb versus Trump, game on.

Jeb versus Trump, game on.

“I like Jeb,” Trump said. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.” [Breitbart]

EVERYONE IS asking what is Jeb! thinking? I’d say once Donald Trump said he had low energy, the “emasculating” of Jeb Bush finally hit home. Then came the story of fundraisers reportedly bailing on Bush, which was the through line on social media and cable, even if Jeb! tried to rebut it.

So, what is Jeb Bush thinking by getting in a verbal brawl with a skunk?

From Molly Ball

At the heart of this debate is a larger question about political campaigns and consulting. Bush’s strategy is predicated on a fundamental faith in the effectiveness of a traditional political campaign—issue attacks, oppo research, and so on. His critics believe that only works on a traditional political candidate, not on an uninhibited celebrity like Trump.

But it’s Rich Lowry who hit the strongest note. From Politico

In the argument with Trump over mass deportation, clearly Bush is right. But the split screen with Trump doesn’t necessarily do him any favors. Trump is such a forceful communicator that he comes off as some sort of throwback alpha male, whereas Bush is such an earnest wonk he looks and sounds like a sensitive dad from a contemporary sitcom. It’s like watching a WWE wrestler get a stern talking to from Ned Flanders.

I’m more interested in what Carly Fiorina could bring to the debate stage now that she’s going to be able to tangle with Donald Trump one on one. Good move by CNN, no matter how they had to fudge their criteria to include her.

“I don’t think walls are particularly effective,” [Carly Fiorina] said. “I mean, if that’s what it took to do it, I would do it, North or South. But I think technology has advanced to the point where it is far quicker, far less expensive, and actually far more effective to deploy technology.” [BuzzFeed]