Boston interview with Elizabeth Warren leaves possibilities galore.

Boston interview with Elizabeth Warren leaves possibilities galore.

WAS THERE any talk of a joint ticket, even jokingly?

Senator Warren paused, took another moment the said, “It was a… a… long conversation.”

Watch the interview with Senator Warren, by Globe reporter Joshua Miller. (h/t Mika Brzezinski, “Morning Joe”)

Elizabeth Warren on her lunch with Vice President Joe Biden and the possibility of a joint ticket

As Rachel Maddow said this week…something really is going on here.

Maybe it’s not a ticket, but as skeptical as I’ve been that Biden’s going to run, when your heart is broken and the loss is killing the joy of being alive the only thing you can do is throw yourself into what you love. That his son Beau had wanted it for him, too, may be a bigger thing than we can imagine from the outside.

Watching the latest footage of Vice President Joe Biden aired across cable, he looks to me to be testing how he feels giving campaign speeches and traveling state to state, his family at home. 

Joe Biden knows what’s at stake if he decides to run and the one thing I don’t think he gives a crap about is his legacy or that he could lose. Look at the man’s life. He knows loss of a much greater nature.

Does Joe Biden have the heart, energy and fortitude to take on Hillary Clinton with 80% of Democrats behind her right now?

Would a one-term pledge by Joe Biden with Elizabeth Warren on his ticket make the difference?

Donald Trump thinks he’s going to win or he wouldn’t have signed the pledge to support the nominee, even considering it isn’t binding in the least. Trump got a press conference and the GOP chairman to fly to New York to see him for signing a loyalty oath the other candidates signed without fanfare. And talk about free media, no one matches it. It’s like watching a self-help guru go after what he wants using the formula of visualization, confidence and acting president until you are president.

The art of the deal, indeed.

The latest Loras College poll showed Hillary Clinton with a 2-1 margin in Iowa, compared to the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll over the same time period that had Sanders within 7 points of Clinton.

Obama’s people are inside Clinton’s campaign and I’d trust their caucus and primary model against anyone.

This is about to get really crazy.

Oh, and Hillary Clinton is going to sit down for an interview with Andrea Mitchell. Foreign policy is going to be the ticket from now until she testifies on October 22.

Gird your loins, GOP.