Dear Team Clinton, Just Do It.

Dear Team Clinton, Just Do It.

They want to show her humor. The self-effacing kind… They want to show her heart, like the time she comforted former drug addicts in a school meeting room in New Hampshire. […] Several of Mrs. Clinton’s top strategists, speaking from a corner office at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters with shabby mix-and-match chairs and expansive views of Manhattan, repeatedly expressed confidence about Mrs. Clinton’s standing, saying that any candidate, Republican or Democrat, would love to trade places with her. [New York Times]

WHO THOUGHT it was a good idea to start the post Labor Day political conversation off with a bunch of “Mrs. Clinton’s top strategists” sitting around talking about how Hillary Clinton is going to be more…herself going forward? Did these “top strategists” suddenly drop from outer space into the 21st century? It’s like they’re ignorant to what the social and new media worlds will do with this information.

You don’t talk about Hillary’s shift to being a better candidate, more open, accessible. You reveal it by what Hillary does as a candidate. You don’t telegraph it to the New York Times, which actually makes things harder for Hillary.

I write this as someone who had real skin in the 2007-2008 campaign and made a difference. I want the first woman president to be a Democrat in 2016. I’ve got no doubt Mrs. Clinton is capable, strong and up to the job of being commander in chief.

But the campaign of 2015 is a disaster so far. It is proven further because “Mrs. Clinton’s top strategists” actually believe leaking their game plan to the New York Times, which includes handing the Beltway to New York City media a big fat target to hit, was a great plan. To calm Democrats and let them know something new from Hillary is one the horizon.

PLUM LINE: You’re saying that one can’t dismiss the possibility that Sanders pulls off an upset somehow?

DEAN: No, I wouldn’t dismiss any possibility. The voters end up making up their minds, not those of us who are pundits for a living.

[Washington Post]

She’s going to be interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres.

She’s going to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. (Stephen Colbert tried, but she was already in talks.)

That noise you hear is the establishment press is laughing loudly and on this they have every right.

Meanwhile, regular people that I’ve talked to over the last weeks still don’t understand WHY Hillary Clinton had a private server. Well, I do *(obviously, I don’t), and here’s why (one scenario). Nobody has been more scrutinized than Hillary Clinton, going back decades. She wanted control of her email, as much as was possible, including being able to talk with Sidney Blumenthal without heads exploding on Obama’s team. Remember that when she came into the State Department as secretary, Hillaryland and the Obama team weren’t exactly on friendly terms. It took a while.

For whatever reason, “Mrs. Clinton’s top strategists” don’t think laying it all out and telling the American people the truth will work. Hey, geniuses, you think what you’re doing now is working?

I guess Hillaryland has calculated that they’re still the most likely to win, because Obama’s team knows the numbers and how to run a campaign in caucus and primary states, which look good for her over the long haul. Winning ugly is still winning.

Watching this campaign in 2015 has been a depressing experience.

The bad press Hillary is getting isn’t the press’s fault. This time it’s on Hillary and Team Clinton, and people who want her to succeed who are frustrated have every right to be.

*This article has been edited.