Clinton crushes on MSNBC, while Trump battles radio host who tripped him up.

Clinton crushes on MSNBC, while Trump battles radio host who tripped him up.

DURING AN interview with Andrea Mitchell, Hillary Clinton addressing the subject of Syria caught my attention, with Clinton saying the world needed to do more. There is no single foreign policy issue that has stymied U.S. foreign policy more than this one, in my opinion. The interview won’t silence her critics, but hearing from a lot of Clinton supporters, it was a tonic for them to finally see the candidate make her own case.

There is a great difference between talking foreign policy and knowing foreign policy.

Segue to Donald Trump’s clumsy interview with Hugh Hewitt

“You’re asking me names that — I think it’s somewhat ridiculous,” Mr. Trump told Hugh Hewitt, a popular conservative radio show host. “As far as the individual players, of course I don’t know them. I’ve never met them. I haven’t been, you know, in a position to meet them.” [New York Times]

It was reminiscent of George W. Bush’s “the general” answer when asked to name the president of Pakistan.

To be fair, Trump has also been the most coherent Republican on Iran, admitting that tearing up the Iran Deal isn’t an option, but enforcing it is.

But as Michael Steele said, Hillary Clinton showed a “high degree of gravitas, statesmanship and authenticity” during her interview with Mitchell.

Addressing emails, Clinton once again pushed back, but it was the case by David Ignatius that is at the foundation of what happens next.

DAVID IGNATIUS: This issue comes up surprisingly often because there is an administrative problem where people do these things and their security officers summon them and warn them and issue reprimands and it goes in their file and it’s a serious personnel administrative problem. My only point is I couldn’t find a case where this kind of activity had been prosecuted and that’s just worth noting as we assemble our Clinton e-mail – and more thing, Joe, legally there is no difference between her using her private server and if she’d used, which is also not a classified system. The idea that, oh this would have been fine if she used, not legally, no difference.

So why did MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” edit out Ignatius’s comments above from the video?

And remember when Rush Limbaugh aasked, Does Our Looks-Obsessed Culture Want to Stare at an Aging Woman?

On that question and the subject we’re not supposed to bring up, Hillary Clinton looked fabulous, her skin luminous, which never hurts in our “looks-obsessed culture.”