Carly answers The Donald.

Carly answers The Donald.

Without mentioning him by name, the Carly for America Committee released a web ad Monday responding to Trump’s assertion that no one would want someone with Fiorina’s face as president of the United States. The ad, called “Look at This Face,” intersperses images of other women with Fiorina speaking at a Republican women’s event. []

CARLY FIORINA‘s super PAC has a message for Democrats, but it’s actually aimed at Donald Trump. It’s a brilliant ad place before a very big debate place for the only Republican woman on the stage.

How the insiders see Trump. Mark Halperin on The Donald

But barring some major unforeseen development, most Republican strategists now are resigned to deferring a climactic attempt to kill Trump until the field winnows down next spring. This scenario, of course, ignores the prospect that Trump could rack up so many victories in the meantime that his momentum would be difficult, or impossible, to stop. But Trump’s adversaries are hoping that his power will wane when the entertainment portion of the contest ends and voters are ready to pick a president. …

[…] Trump’s rivals used to believe he would kill himself within weeks of entering the race. Then they believed that the press would kill him off before Labor Day. Now, many of them privately answer the question “Can Trump be killed?” by saying, quietly and with a combination of frustration, wonder and doubt: I hope so.