Sanders gains on Clinton in Iowa according to latest poll.

Sanders gains on Clinton in Iowa according to latest poll.

WHILE DONALD TRUMP has a wide lead among Republicans, Ben Carson slowly and steadily rises. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders continues to chip away at Clinton’s Iowa lead. Sanders is in first place in New Hampshire.

As I wrote before, whatever Clinton’s advantages were when she announced have been whittled away. That doesn’t mean she won’t be the nominee, but it does push Hillary to quit playing it so safe, listening tours, etc., and game up for the fall contest.

The first sign of this shift to offense was Clinton implying Republicans were acting like “terrorists” on women’s health. It not only made Republicans squeal like stuffed pigs, but changed the subject from the server/email story, which was part of the goal. At the DNC meeting she didn’t even mention the server issue and that’s where she wants to stay until it’s resolve, though it won’t be easy.

DesMoines Register reporting

Liberal revolutionary Bernie Sanders, riding an updraft of insurgent passion in Iowa, has closed to within 7 points of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race.

She’s the first choice of 37 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers; he’s the pick for 30 percent, according to a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll.

But Clinton has lost a third of her supporters since May, a trajectory that if sustained puts her at risk of losing again in Iowa, the initial crucible in the presidential nominating contest.