Donald Trump's favorables rise.

Donald Trump’s favorables rise.

“I suppose Fox hoped that a top tier would emerge by the time the first debate rolled around. But based on current polling, there’s no good rationale for arbitrarily selecting a top ten,” said Murray. [Monmouth Poll]

IT MIGHT be a good idea for Fox News to have chairs for some of the Republicans on stage with Donald Trump on Thursday. I doubt any of them, certainly not Jeb Bush, can stand without wobbling after the latest polling showing Trump has skyrocketed on approval ratings from where he once stood.

Trump has gone from 56% unfavorable in April to 35% unfavorable in August; from 20% favorable in June to 52% favorable in August.

That’s what everyone is talking about right now.

But check out this number from the last Monmoth poll. Monmouth has polled the evolving GOP primary in April, June and July. And over that period Donald Trump’s favorable ratings have gone from 28% to 52%, while his unfavorables have gone from 56% to 35%. To put that a different way he’s gone from a -28% net approval to a +17% net approval. In other words, that’s a 45 point shift in three months. – Josh Marshall [TPM]

The thing Donald Trump needs to do on Thursday is to bring an enemy on stage with him, like China. Talk trade and economics, don’t punch down to the politicians and keep bringing his brand of angry white Republican.

Everyone is expecting crazy, but what would Trump have to gain by that? He’s many things, but he’s not stupid.

For Republicans, the most antiestablishment candidate is Donald Trump, because he fits their mood. The Wall Street Journal explains it very well.

Trump can’t change the dynamics of the Democratic primary race, but he is doing one thing with his bluntness, even when he is wildly wrong.

Making Hillary Clinton’s recent statement about the Keystone XL Pipeline, when she said, “If it’s undecided when I become president, then I will answer your question,” sound ridiculous. People hear that and they don’t care if she believes she has valid reasons for not opining on Keystone XL. All they hear is politician speak, which is becoming deadlier for candidates by the day. It’s not fatal to Clinton in a nomination battle, but it’s having an effect on her negatives, something only Hillary Clinton can change.

The poll also found a dramatic rise in negative feelings toward Mrs. Clinton: the 48% of all respondents who viewed her negatively is near to being the highest recorded since she was elected to the Senate in 2000. [Wall Street Journal]

graphic via Donald Trump on Instagram