Bernie Sanders event crashed by Black Lives Matter activists.

Bernie Sanders event crashed by Black Lives Matter activists.

A Seattle speech by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was pre-empted in a chaotic confrontation Saturday afternoon with a pair of Black Lives Matter protesters, who took the stage and refused to let him speak. [Seattle Times]

RUNNING FOR president a person can run into things he or she least expects, which has been happening to Bernie Sanders lately. In front of a crowd estimated at 15,000 by the Seattle Times, activists belonging to Black Lives Matter interrupted Sanders, because they wanted moments of silence to commemorate the anniversary of Michael Brown’s slaying.

It didn’t turn out well for Bernie Sanders. Seattle Times reporting

At Westlake, Sanders was just starting to address the crowd, thanking Seattle for being “one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America.”

That’s as far as he got before two women walked onstage and grabbed the microphone.

“If you do not listen … your event will be shut down,” one of the protesters told organizers, who offered to let them speak after Sanders. After a back and forth with the screaming protesters, organizers relented and said the demonstrators could go first.

Some in the largely white audience booed and chanted for protesters to let the senator talk. A few yelled for police to make arrests.

Marissa Johnson, one of the protesters, shot back, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, filled with its progressives, but you did it for me,” accusing the audience of “white supremacist liberalism.”

You’ve got angry conservatives rallying for Donald Trump.

On the left you’ve got angry Democrats rallying for Bernie Sanders.

Then you’ve got Black Lives Matter activists remembering a death of a young black man on the same day as another young black man was reported murdered in Texas.

It’s an election season of rage and we’ve just gotten started.

“I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare,” Bernie Sanders said in a written statement. “I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.” [BuzzFeed]