The Trump swarm brings 162 pundits opining on the Donald.

The Trump swarm brings 162 pundits, according to HuffPost’s Sam Stein and Michael Calderone, opining on the Donald.
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Over four days, The Huffington Post found 162 people — rival presidential candidates, other politicians, strategists, analysts, journalists and former prisoners of war — have been asked to offer their take on Trump’s comment and/or how it will affect the 2016 primary. [HuffPost]

THE MEDIA is obsessed, because Donald Trump is bringing ratings in a dull summer season. His political temperature fits the hot public mood at a time when activists are restless on both sides.

Recently HuffPost announced they’d only cover Trump on their entertainment section. The article on “Trumpsessed!” can be found in the media section.

Love him or hate him he’s an American original. How you define that depends on where you sit politically and how old you are, too. No one can say Donald Trump hasn’t hit a nerve with a segment of Republicans.

Trump’s also crowded out the field of GOP candidates, including Jeb Bush, which just about reduced CNN’s Ana Navaro to tears as she waxed philosophical about the grave importance of the presidency and how Donald Trump is ruining it all. I thought she was going to cry. Earnestness is embarrassing when applied to politics.

Speaking of Jeb, he came out to defend John McCain. Last time a military hero was under national attack was when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth went after John Kerry. Jeb backed Swift-boaters over a Silver Star recipient.

Can’t wait for their debate.