Halperin and Heilemann pump from Donald Trump.photo via Instagram

Halperin and Heilemann pump from Donald Trump.
photo via Instagram

While most controversy tied to the show has focused on Bloomberg Politics impresario Mark Halperin, DeBurro further alleged that interviewer Heilemann, Halperin’s co-host, pumped them to think of positive things to say about Trump which could then be edited together into a Trump fawn-a-thon…” [TPM]

THIS IS a prime example of why watching Bloomberg Politics “With All Due Respect” gives you a window into establishment political coverage, something that’s important to understand if you follow American politics. To grasp the political news you’re watching and reading it’s helpful to see how it can be manipulated according to what the people giving you the news want you to hear and deduce.

It’s all condensed into “What I Learned From Donald Trump Supporters,” written by John Heilemann.

Of course, not everyone does this, but Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, political pundits and writers who made the 2008 election cycle into a bestseller and HBO smash hit, receiving Emmys, know how to craft a story as they want their audience to see it.

When it comes to Trump, if you’ve been watching #WADR, it’s clear they’re enjoying what comes along with covering Donald Trump and that is the entertainment gift of ratings and attention, not the issues and what Trump actually believes or what he’d do as president.

It seems Halperin and Heilemann got caught in the act of providing the news as they see it, manipulating things to get the story they want.

Reporting from TPM

“The questions were geared mostly toward the positive,” she said. “They were all ‘tell me something you like about him’ or ‘what makes him appealing to voters.’ It was all positive-focused, not ‘what do you not like’ or ‘why do you like this other candidate better.'” […]

“They were looking specifically for conservative voters and they asked us for our three choices,” DeBurro recalled. “So I didn’t realize it was entirely about Trump until we got there and [Heilemann] said ‘Oh we’re going to talk about him, mostly.'”