Jeb Bush gets the McCay Coppins treatment.

Jeb Bush gets the McCay Coppins treatment.

TWO FEARED words for any politician or public figure are McKay Coppins, the reporter for BuzzFeed. Or at least they should be. Coupons’ piece on Jeb Bush, whose last name must not be mentioned, should give Jeb’s team shivers. And I know he’s been told to smile more often, but this photo above from his official website is just creepy.

Jeb’s entire countenance reveals a miserable man doing the family business whether he likes it or not.

McKay Coppins reports

He stood, rigid and erect, in front of a semicircle of American political reporters as they peppered him with questions about the recent shake-up inside his campaign-in-waiting. He labored through talking points, his plodding recitation occasionally drowned out by the BMWs and bicyclists whirring by in morning traffic. After about a minute, his answers began to curdle into a quasi-candid airing of grievances about the political process. He scolded the press for their hyperbolic campaign coverage (“I don’t even read the clips”); dismissed the up-and-down nature of the primary polls (“It doesn’t really matter”); and pleaded for patience and perspective in the early state-of-the-race punditry (“It’s June, for crying out loud!”).

Then, as though suddenly remembering himself, the almost-candidate abandoned candor and returned to script. “It’s a lot of work, and I’m excited about the prospects of this,” Bush said, conveying roughly the same excitement of someone expecting gallbladder surgery. “It’s a long haul.”

That’s why the comparisons between Jeb Bush and Hillary are so contrived, so falsely planted. It’s understandable that some voters are uncomfortable with the Clinton and Bush advantage, but we live in a Citizens United country, when money still buys the presidency.

Unlike Jeb, Hillary Clinton has real passion for the people and policies she hopes to implement as president, with her fighting spirit making Bush look like a 1950s politician who’s phoning it in.

If you compare where Jeb came from to where Hillary started the comparison becomes even more stark. The Bush family is practically royalty in upper crust Kennebunkport, Maine. Hillary Clinton’s middle class beginning includes a mother who was abandoned and had to do housekeeping to support herself. Her father was an entrepreneur and an abusive man, like so many post WWII fellas with a chip on his shoulder, with a wife who could take his crap, and a daughter who thrived in spite of him.

Maybe these things don’t matter, but the fact that Clinton is a woman fighting against humongous odds to break the ultimate glass ceiling reveals another level of determination that Jeb Bush cannot claim. The inherent obstacles people face embedded in Hillary’s own struggle to be taken seriously as her own person, her policies her own as well.

Dropping his last name, Jeb! is doing his best to wipe out the horrific nightmare of his brother, W. The warmonger who put two wars on credit and was the final nail in the economy that President Obama was handed to fix.

For you techies, this piece on CNN Money will crack you up.

The synopses, which appear to have been copied from Wikipedia, are accompanied by commentary from the code’s authors. The first film, for example, is described as “also starring Severus Snape” — a reference to the actor Alan Rickman, who played the villain in “Die Hard” as well as Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” films.

Before the description of the fifth film, the code’s authors write: “Please God just let this franchise die.”

The Bush campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.