Rubio and Bush, foreign policy and George W. Bush.

Marco Rubio plays commander in chief for a day, while Jeb Bush still hasn’t figured out what he means on Iraq.

Likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday that questioning about how he would have handled Iraq War authorization “does a disservice” to military service members killed in action. [Bloomberg Politics]

AND NOW, following the Clinton campaign over to Medium, Senator Marco Rubio has introduced “The Rubio Doctrine”, which was supposed to challenge Hillary Clinton on trade, while pimping his national security cred. In the speech given at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Wednesday, the Republican presidential candidate looked and sounded, at least from the vapid segments I saw on tape, like a high school president trying to impress a girl.

Those such as Secretary Clinton, who preach a message of international engagement and “smart power” yet are not willing to stand up to special interests and support free trade, are either hypocritical or fail to grasp trade’s role as a tool of statecraft that can bolster our relationships with partners and create millions of American jobs. – Senator Marco Rubio [MEDIUM]

Senator Marco Rubio is the type of candidate Republicans love. He’d be perfectly cast as president, except that he obviously can’t make a detailed statement on foreign policy that doesn’t sound like an ad man wrote it and he just regurgitated it. If he knew anything about foreign policy he should have shared it at the Council of Foreign Relations. As I talked about in my last podcast, Republicans desperately need someone who isn’t a white guy. Marco Rubio is tailor made for the spot. However, somebody needs to tell the poor schmuck that being president isn’t like being cast in “Madam Secretary.”

As for Jeb Bush, I’ve said it before, I cannot take the man seriously. I know Jeb’s got loads of cash, so maybe he’ll prevail. I just wouldn’t trust anyone who had all this time to think about Iraq and can’t put together a cohesive sentence on it after three tries.

But Jeb Bush hiding behind U.S. soldiers, because he can’t construct his own thoughts about Iraq, due to his brother, is about as low as I’ve seen a politician stoop while trying to reach the White House since W. wandered into Washington after the Supreme Court set the U.S. Constitution on fire.