Obama TPP defeat comes at the hands of his own party, with progressives showing their heft, as activists push back on what they see as a very bad deal.

Obama TPP defeat comes at the hands of his own party, with a slight towards Senator Warren seen as a sexist tactic by many, which came back to haunt the President when his trade deal went down.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been the public face of the Democratic Party’s feud with President Barack Obama over his trade agenda. But behind the scenes, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) quietly united his party behind a strategy that resulted in a major defeat Tuesday for the president. [Huffington Post]

IT ISN’T the first time the White House boys’ club has been cited, but never has President Barack Obama been so nakedly revealed in a fight he worked hard to win as someone who would stoop to belittling one of the most beloved Senators in the Senate. The Democratic base and activist groups hail Senator Elizabeth Warren as a progressive champion, so when the fight over TPP got so personal, then devolved into stripping Ms. Warren of her title, a tactic used to make her seem smaller and to make her power seem diminutive, it was a step too far for many.

It was Senator Sherrod Brown, someone who has been a hero for me due to his tough pro union stance, who broke the silence. Turns out it was also Senator Brown who led the fight to stop TPP.

“I think by just calling her ‘another politician’,” [Senator Sherrod] Brown told reporters Tuesday when asked how Obama was being disrespectful to Warren. “I’m not going to get into more details. I think referring to her as first name, when he might not have done that for a male senator, perhaps? I’ve said enough.”

“I think the president was disrespectful to her by the way he did that,” Brown told reporters during the news conference, which came after nearly all Senate Democrats voted to block trade measures from proceeding on the Senate floor. “I think that the president has made this more personal than he needed to.”

Brown continued: “I know he disagrees. When he said that a number of us — not just Sen. Warren — but don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re fighting the last war, a number of those phrases he used, I assume he wished he hadn’t said them because he shouldn’t have said them.”


Hillary2016 won’t ever make this mistake, because no one knows the signs or signals, as well as the language, of a male trying to strip prowess away from a woman of experience and power better than Hillary Clinton.

Substantial credit has been earned by progressives, from Congress to activist organizations, all of whom worked unceasingly to defeat TPP on principle. From Credo to DFA and beyond, Mike Lux’s Working Families, all of them deserve an ovation.

“The truth of the matter is that Elizabeth is, you know, a politician like everybody else.” – President Barack Obama

As for Senator Warren, Elizabeth, being a “politician like everyone else,” so far, Mr. President, all evidence is to the contrary.

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