Dave Letterman, a "great broadcaster," which isn't a small thing.

Dave Letterman, a comedian, but he’s also a “great broadcaster,” which is no a small thing.

Professionally, I’d follow him through a wall. Every time I’ve watched, every time I’ve been on, I’ve been amazed at just how great a broadcaster he is. My only real skill is versatility. But David is versatile in ways everybody else in the medium lumped together couldn’t manage. From the monologue to the taped bits to the Top 10 lists to the animals to the fluffy kids interviews to being the straight man for a thousand comedians to the post-9/11 show to the serious interviews — and he might be the best political interviewer of the last 20 years — to the day he got laughs while confessing to and cleaning up his own potential scandal, if you wanted to replicate that show you’d need half a dozen hosts all onstage at once. He’s doing that many different jobs with different skill sets, all at once. – Keith Olbermann [Deadline]

THE MAN everyone looked to after 9/11, Dave Letterman, is stepping down Wednesday.

What a ride it was, first at NBC, then moving to CBS.

Some things never change, however. We still don’t have a woman to watch as we drift off to sleep.

The first one came from a college staffer who asked what advice the scandal-scarred funnyman would give to this year’s graduates. “Treat a lady like a wh–e, and a wh–e like a lady,” (Dave Letterman) shot back.” [Page Six, April 2015]

*CORRECTION: Letterman is retiring Wednesday, not today, as previously noted.