May 5, 2015 - Rancho High School in North Las Vegas, Nevada  By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Clinton in Las Vegas announced historic immigration policy she would implement if elected president.
Photo: Rancho High School in North Las Vegas, Nevada (By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America)

FOR SKEPTICS and those who haven’t been paying attention, Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 campaign has been a bold departure, representative of what a you’d expect from a fearless candidate who is laying everything out for the American people, while challenging potential rivals. Clinton in Las Vegas, the city where I covered the Clintons and the 2008 caucuses on the ground, just turned the 2016 race upside down, answering past critics with a statement that will stun a lot of people, especially Republicans.

“We have to finally, once and for all, fix our immigration system,” Mrs. Clinton said at a round-table discussion at Rancho High School, where roughly 70 percent of the study body is Latino. “It’s a family issue,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s an economic issue, too, but it is at its heart a family issue.” [New York Times]

Clinton also took a swipe at Republicans, saying, “When they talk about ‘legal status,’ that is code for ‘second-class status.’”

Clinton’s announcement in immigration reform comes as a new New York Times/CBS News poll finds that all the huffing and puffing by her adversaries hasn’t done what they hoped. Hillary Clinton has not only survived the initial 2016 barrage directed at her, but on leadership, Clinton’s numbers have risen to 65 percent from 57 percent, with her favorability rising 9 points.

Now, polling this early means little, but considering all that has been thrown at Hillary Clinton recently, the scrutiny, as well as the outlandish and unproved claims from a right-wing screed merchant, it’s heartening to know that fewer and fewer people are buying the political hit jobs that have represented the coverage of Clinton since 2007.

The statement Clinton made in Las Vegas comes from a candidate for president who’s undaunted and unmoved by her critics. She’s keeping her mind focused and her team’s not getting distracted, because as much as this visit was about the caucuses, they’re obviously looking to the general election and making sure her message is crystal clear.

Hillary Clinton won “63 percent of the Latino vote in the 16 Super Tuesday contests,” as Amy Chozick reminds everyone in her Times article. Clinton’s not taking anything for granted, while sending a message to critics on her past immigration comments that she got the message and she knows what needs to be done.