Poor Chris Christie, all dressed up for a White House run and very few Republicans care.

Chris Christie struggling and all dressed up for a White House run and very few Republicans care.

But amid the bustle, there was an absorption of a new reality for the governor and those closest to him: that his bid for the White House seems increasingly far-fetched. A political team long characterized by its self-assuredness now sounds strikingly subdued, sobered and, realistic about his odds. [New York Times]

WHAT MIGHT have been, you have to wonder if Governor Chris Christie hasn’t thought lately he missed his chance. The boy of the GOP ball back in 2012 had what once seemed like a formidable campaign, but Mitt Romney‘s team exposed his baggage to the light of day and it now the White House seems but a fantasy.

#Bridgegate didn’t help and the indictments are more bad news.

Governor Chris Christie has to hope that Jeb Bush‘s campaign is all money no mojo, as he draws hope from Senator John McCain’s campaign that resurrected the Arizona senator’s presidential campaign from the ashes.

Instead of crowing about fund-raising records (as Jeb Bush is) or traveling the country as an announced candidate (as Senator Marco Rubio is), Mr. Christie’s team is in a sense starting over now, hoping that the developments in the legal case represent a new chance at a campaign unburdened by the threat of direct legal action against the governor.

Ray Washburne, who oversees fund-raising for Mr. Christie’s political action committee, said there was a sense of relief from potential donors after Friday “that there wasn’t anything else out there” that would directly implicate the governor.

But even those who expressed fewer doubts described a Christie campaign unlike what they had once envisioned — burdened by well-known baggage, focused largely on winning a single state, New Hampshire, and taking its inspiration from the resurrection of Senator John McCain in 2008.