Carly Fiorina announces for the presidency.

Carly Fiorina announces for the presidency.

Ms. Fiorina’s long-shot campaign — polls show only a sliver of Republicans would support her at this stage — has nevertheless attracted the attention of conservatives in early nominating states, largely because of her increasingly pointed attacks on Mrs. Clinton and her impassioned anti-abortion position. [New York Times]

BACK WHEN Carly Fiorina was a spokesperson for Senator John McCain‘s candidacy, before she got fired, in an interview I did with her she never gave any indication that she had an “impassioned anti-abortion position.” When trolling for Hillary Clinton voters in 2008, she used the term “reproductive rights” when she spoke with me, something that no GOP base voter will accept.

In Carly Fiorina’s campaign video she actually opens by watching Hillary Clinton announce her presidency.

Carly Fiorina was close to a fan of Hillary Clinton’s back in 2008, trying to wrap her arms around Clinton’s primary voters to help John McCain, which is why she accepted my invitation for an interview. What a difference a few years makes.

Fire in the belly: Will bring energy, doggedness, and determination to her bid—and especially to her self-styled role as Clinton’s most relentless critic. – Mark Halperin

Halperin’s “definitive Fiorina scouting report” is entertaining, if nothing else.

Carly Fiorina is running for president, because Secretary Clinton is in the race. What Ms. Fiorina intends to do, which began long before she announced her run today, is make her entire campaign about trashing Clinton in whatever way might benefit her vanity candidacy.

Obviously, Ms. Fiorina’s real problem is her very public firing from HP, which left carnage behind her.

Despite Being Forced Out, Fiorina’s Severance Package Reportedly More Than $42 Million. According to CNN Money, “Ex-Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will get a severance package worth about $21.4 million, but stands to reap another $21 million after she was forced out by the computer maker’s board last week, a newspaper reported Saturday. The additional amount reflects the estimated value of her Hewlett stock and options as well as her pension, which were not included in her severance package, the New York Times reported.” [CNN Money, 2/12/05]

It’s important for women to run for the presidency.

It’s just not useful or productive for a woman to run for the White House using attacks and character assassination to get there, which is exactly Carly Fiorina’s campaign plan.

It does, however, say a lot about Carly Fiorina. A woman who also didn’t think equal pay was worth fighting for as a national issue back in 2008 when I interviewed her. She was actually quite ignorant on the subject. Fiorina didn’t seem to know or understand that leaving equal pay to the states is not nearly enough to ensure women close the wage gap, which eventually costs women so much when they get to the age when Social Security matters.

Ms. Fiorina’s real problem is that if the Republican base wants an anti-abortion zealot, the men offer a much wider variety, without having to explain why they used the word “reproductive rights” when trolling for Hillary Clinton voters in 2008.

Ben Carson, come on down!