American is more liberal today, so Hillary Clinton's politics fits right in. Photo:  Memorial Day in Chappaqua, New York  By Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

American is more liberal today, so Hillary Clinton’s politics fits right in.
Photo: Memorial Day in Chappaqua, New York, by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

Another bellwether: Hillary Rodham Clinton, in positioning herself for the 2016 election, is decidedly more liberal than she and her husband once were on illegal immigration, gay marriage and incarceration. She has called to “end the era of mass incarceration” and spoken about the importance of “toppling” the wealthiest 1 percent. – Peter Wehner [New York Times]

THE OP-ED quoted above is from a Republican strategist in the Bush era. Peter Wehner works very hard in his op-ed, asking whether Democrats have gone too far left, using a question mark to sound fair and balanced. It’s built on bullshit. Republicans are desperate, as their 2016 clown car turns into a truck load of crazy.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his decision to sign a law in Wisconsin mandating ultrasounds for women before they get abortions, calling ultrasounds “just a cool thing out there.” [Politico]

Scott Walker’s hearty (and embarrassing) defense of mandatory ultrasounds for women before they can get an abortion is something out of the Jerry Falwell era. Republicans still believe that women don’t know what’s best for themselves or that it’s none of Scott Walker’s business or any state what decision she makes, with her doctor.

Hey, but when you have Republican candidates like Mike Huckabee not only siding with pedophiles and their excusers, but lying about the facts of Josh Duggar‘s crimes, while most of the GOP 2016 candidates pose for pictures with him, we can’t expect rational thought from Republicans.

But Hutchens, in his only interview since the Duggar scandal has been uncovered, says that Jim Bob told him about only one incident of molestation and that, in part, is why he decided not to report Josh to the abuse hotline. [In Touch Weekly]

The only political term I’ve ever identified with is liberal, having a strong libertarian streak, and I’ve never shirked from it, even when “progressive” became the rage, because it was thought a new marketing term would be more helpful. I was a liberal when voting for a more conservative Arkansas politician for president, William Jefferson Clinton. Now, I know progressives have a problem with Bill, but having lived through the times, I remember Reagan’s hold on our politics.

If you understand the root of liberalism it was always a good bet for the future.

The Washington Post is proclaiming liberalism is cool again. The last to know.

America is more liberal today than in 2001 and that's very good news.

America is more liberal today according to Gallup.

The numbers above are a very good thing for our country and foreshadowing for what is possible in 2016 for Hillary and Democrats.

As for Hillary Clinton, she’s always been more liberal than her husband and it contrary to pundits and talking heads it actually didn’t take Senators Warren or Sanders for her to proclaim it loudly.

There’s a reason Democrats win national elections more often than Republicans.

The numbers in the graph at the top of this article spell out why, as do the outlandish statements from Republican candidates like Scott Walker to right-wing radio, which is so far out on the right today they are finally irrelevant to anyone who isn’t a Republican running for president.