Podcast this week, we talk about Bill Clinton, too.

Podcast 2016 Stiletto Edition, Volume 5: Emails, Marco… and guy named Bill.
Photo by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

WITH THE State Department’s chief freedom of information officer Joyce Barr making news, we begin by broadening out the reality, which starts with the Associated Press general counsel Karen Kaiser.


There’s Hillary on immigration in Las Vegas, the setting of that great photo above.

The media always gets a mention. This week it’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, as well as the New York Times’s Jonathan Martin, two men who I believe do their jobs very well, even when I don’t agree with the points either is making. See Martin’s article on Senator Marco Rubio, with Chuck Todd making news today on “Morning Joe.”

Then, before we get to the man of the season, Marco Rubio (co-starring Jeb Bush), a word must be said about William Jefferson Clinton. Many of you won’t like it. As someone who voted for Bill Clinton twice, had his back online in my political column in 1998, which few writing today can say, what I’m saying is how it is.

…and a brief word about Sheryl Sandberg (including the moment Mika rolled off the set of “Morning Joe”), whose husband was her “Lean In” inspiration, which is something she and I have in common.