PODCAST: Clinton, Freddie Gray, and Baltimore Burning.

PODCAST Series: Clinton, Freddie Gray, and Baltimore Burning.

A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post. [Washington Post]

IT’S BEEN quite a week, from Hillary Clinton‘s criminal justice speech, given in the backdrop of Freddie Gray, and Baltimore burning.

“2016 Podcast Series: The Stiletto Edition, Volume 4” is up, focusing on the tumultuous week we’ve had and the timing of Clinton’s speech, which couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Another item is the scrutiny of former Gov. Martin O’Malley’s Baltimore legacy, which is haunting him today, and how Hillary Clinton is moving on from the philosophy of aggressive policing, which helped Bill Clinton with voters in the ’90s.

A reporter from WMAL refutes the leaked report covered by the Washington Post:

The initial shock of the report quickly transitioned to uncertainty and skepticism after questions were raised over the details. WBAL’s Jayne Miller told MSNBC that the Post’s story was “inconsistent with what we reported.”

“We have reported for some time that by the time that prisoner is loaded into that van, Freddie Gray was unresponsive. Secondly we have no medical evidence that Freddie Gray suffered any injury that would indicate that he had injured himself,” Miller told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday night.

Seriously, though, how can a man in custody sever his own spine? The Baltimore Police Department leaks are not only self-serving, they’re insulting to the citizens of Baltimore.

…and we can’t forget the implosion of Peter Schweizer and his book Clinton Cash, out next week.

An excerpt of Clinton’s speech is included in my “2016 Podcast Series: The Stiletto Edition, Volume 4.”

It’s been a serious week watching Baltimore burn, while the community comes together, even if in the alternative universe of Fox News Channel, a completely different picture is being painted.

TIME magazine’s cover is stirring.

Will anyone ever forget Baltimore 2015?

UPDATE 5.1: The latest on how Freddie Gray might have been injured, leading to his death. And the other man in the van disputes what’s being attributed to him by Baltimore police.