Rand Paul announces his presidential bid, and the swift-boating begins! Screen capture of poster from the Rand Paul for President campaign event, via CNN.

Presidential candidate Rand Paul will soon meet the Republican swift-boaters.
Screen capture of poster from the Rand Paul for President campaign event, via CNN.

SOMETHING NOVEL is happening to newly announced GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul. The swift-boating crazies that attacked war hero John Kerry have their sights trained on him, because he isn’t sufficiently pro-Bibi, bomb-bomb-bomb Iran enough.

“Paul supports more negotiations with Iran while standing against more sanctions that would hold the Iranian regime accountable. That’s not a conservative position, that’s Obama’s position,” Reed told me in an interview Monday. “His longstanding position on Iran and his agreement with Obama on Iran calls into question his judgment.” – Josh Rogin [Bloomberg]

If you don’t know the name of Rick Reed, well, he’s one of the political bottom feeders that make politics stink.

This is not the first major campaign Reed has influenced from the outside. He was the architect of the 2004 “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” campaign that attacked John Kerry’s national-security record and credentials. His new campaign against Paul will be bigger than even that effort, he said. “Foreign policy has the potential to be as big in this campaign as it was in 2004 or even greater,” Reed said. “To me, given the state of the world, that’s a good thing.” [Bloomberg]

Swift-boating is in my wheel house, because I was part of a tiny group assembled after Kerry’s defeat to fight the swift-boating of veterans, known as the Patriot Project, which was their usual target. I was involved in intensive campaigns for veteran politicians like John Murtha and Joe Sestak, to name two. It was a serious effort to make sure that lies to defame good people with honest disagreements in foreign policy wouldn’t get tarred, because they weren’t sufficiently in the war monger category.

You just don’t see the swift-boaters coming after fellow Republicans, but the GOP insiders don’t like Paul’s foreign policy viewpoint and they think the media is being too soft on him. “A different kind of Republican” is exactly why the establishment insiders will be targeting Rand Paul.

Paul sought to portray himself and his new approach to conservative realism as “a return to traditional Republican values that recognize our limits and realize our might.” As he has done for months, Paul sought to straddle the gulf between neoconservative hawks and neo-isolationist libertarians that has come to define the Republican spectrum. [Politico]

I’m just a little surprised his announcement didn’t also take a sentence or two to swipe at Hillary Clinton. Nobody has enjoyed taking shots at Secretary Clinton more than Rand Paul, whom he deems as unfit to even run for president.

The brawl is about to commence.