Sex and Secrets, Roger Simon and Politico put their obsession out in public for all to see.

Secrets and Sex, Roger Simon and Politico put their Clinton obsession out in public for all to see.

Secrecy is to Hillary Clinton what sex was to Bill. She has to have it. She doesn’t care if it is wise. She doesn’t care if it does more harm than good. And enjoyment doesn’t enter into it. – Roger Simon [Politico]

ANY GOOD writer knows that just because you come up with a clever word grouping doesn’t mean you should publish it or, more importantly, that what you’ve conjured up is a correlation that makes any sense. When one of the establishment Beltway boys decides to talk Hillary, Bill, sex and secrets, manipulating the subjects to align you know it’s going to get ugly.

What Politico is working to do is wound Clinton irreparably, by any means necessary.

What does Roger Simon know about sexual satisfaction, would be my first question, except that this column is only for him. Roger Simon’s onanism on full display. His pulp porn fantasies about the Clinton marriage are not only creepy, but the stuff of secret indulgences he should keep secret.

As an expert of affairs of the heart and loins, whatever secrecy Hillary Clinton wanted has more to do with people like Roger Simon than it does with whatever he imagines William Jefferson Clinton’s motives for past dalliances to be.

What you have to understand about the Beltway to New York City media establishment is that President Clinton’s past represents to them something akin to the original sin, a biblical lesson that they feel compelled to reteach. It hardly matters that it’s the oldest weakness known to man. That’s how ignorant the political world is to the real world of marriage, sex and relationships.

The Beltway establishment has ignored the sexism aimed at women politicians, shrugged off years of randy exploits of males, but delight in attempting to defame Hillary Clinton for an act of her husband’s over which she had zero control.

In what media world is it remotely acceptable to venture into a marriage and talk about what a former president enjoys or doesn’t, just to make your play on words limp another line before exhausting conclusion that reveals a lot more about the writer and the website on which it’s posted than it does the subject itself?

Roger Simon loads up on little blue pills and takes himself all the way.

At some point in the past, Bill probably realized that his fooling around was going to hurt him, his family and his country. But that didn’t make it any easier for him to stop.

It’s the same thing with secrecy. After awhile, you don’t even realize it’s an addiction.

Experts on another’s addiction rarely see their own.

The self-gratification at the expense of Hillary Clinton, coupling normal email use that was in every way the same as Colin Powell, minus that Mrs. Clinton actually has records of her emails, reveals the horny nature of much of the establishment press and how their fantasies of the Clinton caricature remains an obsession to maintain.

Roger Simon’s gratification today is all over the page, making for a very ugly display that he should have kept private. He’s like the desperate man in the old and dirty movie theater watching a plot he can no longer, because he’s blinded himself long ago to anything other than the fantasy playing in his head.

What will these people do if Hillary Clinton does indeed comment on the emails today?

Bet on this: Whatever she says will not be enough.