Democratic wannabes can't catch Hillary Clinton.

Democratic wannabes can’t catch Hillary Clinton.

In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton holds a nearly 50-point lead over Vice President Joe Biden, her closest competitor in the field, 62% to 15%. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren rounds out the top three on the Democratic side with 10%. No other potential candidate tops 5%. [CNN]

WHY IT is so confounding to many in the media, but also a tiny click inside the Democratic party, that Hillary Clinton has no challengers is very simple. No one in American politics has ever considered what it would mean to have a competent, world-renowned woman running for president who is the first female contender to have commander in chief chops.

The perfect storm of the 21st century is the coming candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom the American people have not only decided deserves a shot at the title, but a CNN/ORC poll revealed that 57% of Americans would be proud to call her Madam President.

The Democratic nomination fight is over before it begins for good reasons.

In 2016 Democrats will have Hillary Clinton trumpeting the best of what the party has achieved, while Republicans brawl over the Bush legacy that left President Obama in a position to rescue the American economy or navigate the Second Great Depression.

There’s a reason Republicans have already begun a scorched earth campaign against Clinton, and it goes beyond Hillary to the very irrelevancy of the GOP in the face of a national election in 2016 they know they could lose big.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a Democratic challenger, not because the party is weak, but because she’s as formidable a potential presidential candidate as we’ve from either party seen since Ronald Reagan, a man who wouldn’t claim the GOP today and couldn’t get the nomination, either. Nuclear zero in the age of Tehran Tom Cotton? Unthinkable.

In the traditional John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton will build on what’s come before her, something Republicans can’t do.

When I refer to Clinton as superwoman who comes to the supermarket, I mean that her conversation with America will take this woman of enormous achievement into the supermarket of the American heartland for a national discussion about how we can create an economy that brings higher wages, higher incomes, a higher standard of living and a rising tide that lifts all boats and leaves no American behind.

The Bill Clinton presidency, which embodied Democratic economics, is fondly remembered because he created a surge of prosperity, optimism and jobs, and a belief that government can work — even as Republicans tried to impeach him while he doggedly continued his good works in office.

By contrast, the last Republican presidency, which embodied Republican economics, sank America into the most punishing recession and devastating financial crash since the Great Depression, which brought the most massive bailout in human history.

In her conversation with America, Hillary Clinton will build on the launching pad of her legacy. And Republicans will disown the bottomless pit of theirs.

[Brent Dudowsky, The Hill]

Hillary’s unopposed by any viable candidate, because Democrats know what she represents and it’s something we’ve never seen before in U.S. history.

That doesn’t mean the road to the White House will be easy or pretty.