A very cosmic Friday. Photo via NASA.

A very A Very Total Solar Eclipse, New Supermoon, Equinox Cosmic Friday.
Total solar eclipse photo via NASA.

““I think we have a fun deficit in America.”Hillary Clinton

IT’S A total solar eclipse, wrapped up with a new supermoon and equinox. In cosmic terms, powerful energies are on tap, which many people consider spiritual moments of potential connection with cosmic energies and planetary forces. A great day to meditate and reach out or inward.

“A solar eclipse has the power of three new moons rolled into one, and usually brings with them events that have great weight and import.”Susan Miller

On NPR lately, their pledge drive has been filled with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer programs. Talking about getting the most out of life and how to navigate the modern world so that you’re paying attention to what’s important, which doesn’t include the things out of your control.

Deepak Chopra offers meditative audios online, but I’m sure you have your favorites, too.

There’s Oprah… Ariana’s Thrive… and Third Metric at HuffPost. …and don’t forget the amazing ideas of Pico Iyer.

If you’ve never considered meditation, I cannot think of a better day to begin than today. As someone who’s been meditating for over 20 years, it didn’t start smoothly, believe me! Fits and starts, at best, I couldn’t make 2 minutes. The benefits I now receive from meditation defy quick description. I couldn’t live my best life without it, nor could I tap my creative reservoir before going within, and my happiness depends on it. Meditation is central to my creative process, which I talk about here.

Sending your dreams outward into the universe to take advantage of the forces swirling may seem farfetched to some of you. The effort itself to potentially attract energy that begins the process of manifestation isn’t strange to many who rely on meditation. Then there’s just sitting in the silence and allowing the transformation.

Andy Puddicombe may want to brace for more of the same. As mindfulness continues to grab more public mindshare, as celebrities (Oprah Winfrey), athletes (LeBron James), and CEOs (LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner) sing its praises and scientists present more evidence of its value, Headspace is positioning itself as as a modern, tech-savvy way into the practice. – THE MONK AND THE MAD MAN MAKING MINDFULNESS FOR THE MASSES

Maybe Headspace can help!

Maybe Headspace can help!

It’s a day for meditative inspiration, at the very least, maybe even letting go of something that continually nags at you.

Happy cosmic spring Friday.

…even if you’re where it’s snowing!

Pick something below or linked above, tap something you already know, whatever in the cosmic world lets you unplug, recharge and invigorate yourself so that the world around you can’t interfere with your happiness.


It’s what matters in life.

“Science is always brave, for to know, is to know good; doubt and danger quail before her eye.” — while accepting its limitations: “With all your science can you tell how it is — & whence it is, that light comes into the soul?” – Henry David Thoreau

Thrive by Arianna Huffington – Excerpt

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