Republicans, abortion, what a joke.

Republicans, abortion, an obsession.
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So House Republican leaders were caught off-guard when women in their own ranks — joined by at least one man — revolted. Anti-abortion activists in town for the annual March for Life were furious. [Politico]

THERE IS NO subject more absurd or outdated to write about than the American conversation on abortion. You’d think in the second decade of the 21st century we could all agree that it’s no one’s business whether a women, whatever her age, decides to terminate a pregnancy.

The majority of Americans couldn’t care less about the internecine abortion wars and rape definition battle going on inside the Republican Party.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi needled the GOP about the internal spat, saying, “They didn’t even have their act together.” [CNN]

New generations, because of contraception, access to the morning after pill, and sexual education, don’t consider abortion a topic at all.

So seriously, Republicans, abortion?

This time most Republican House women wouldn’t go along, so they settled for a nonsensical, watered down bill that banned federal funding for abortions, which has never been an issue beyond the fevered mind of right-wingers.

Public policy of either party has never been focused on poor women, those of color, and teenage girls, anyway. Certainly not the stubborn coalition of extremist Republicans who still believe a woman’s real mission in life is motherhood, whether she freely chooses it or not, can afford it psychologically or economically.

Defining rape?

These are the issues Republicans want to continue to fight over?

The incidents reflect a “number of elderly, very white men dictating to women” about their lives, said American Constitution Society President Caroline Fredrickson, a former legal director for NARAL Pro-Choice America. “It’s just sort of a vision of a world that they wish still existed.” [Politico]

Back after Roe v. Wade was decided, I still had to travel across several state lines to get an abortion in New York state. Today there are even more abortion restrictions across the country, but the numbers are lowest since the procedure became legal, and sexual knowledge became a basic health care priority.

It’s actually a conservative idea, a libertarian tenet, to let a woman make her own decisions about her life, not having the state or federal government involved, which reveals just how bankrupt and twisted Republican priorities are today, mimicking authoritarianism.

No one wants to talk about abortion anymore. It’s the 21st century and women have other things on our minds.

I had no intention of writing about this subject ever again, because it’s just so ridiculous at this point, but seeing the Republican majority Congress fall all over themselves and fail so thoroughly on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade gave me such a laugh, I just had to say it one more time.

Seriously, Republicans, abortion?

You so-called “conservatives” are just too much.