Congress invites Netanyahu just 2 weeks before the election.

Congress invites Netanyahu just 2 weeks before Israeli elections, hoping to influence his prospects.

On Wednesday, Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress, a move that was viewed as an attempt by Republican congressional leaders to intervene in the upcoming Israeli election in Netanyahu’s favor. [Haaretz]

WITH THE invitation by Speaker John Boehner for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session, our insufferable Congress once against proves they have absolutely no idea what their job is.

At least Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is no longer chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with Republican Senator Bob Corker a much more sane individual on all things Iran, Israel, as well as Cuba.

Senator Menendez is an extremist, whose ideas on diplomacy are as bankrupt as former Vice President Dick Cheney. Exhibit A:

“You know, I have to be honest with you, the more I hear from the administration in its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Tehran.” – Senator Bob Melendez

Josh Rogin has the report, beyond Menendez’s crackpot statement.

Evidence of the Israeli rift surfaced Wednesday when Secretary of State John Kerry said that an unnamed Israeli intelligence official had said the new sanctions bill would be “like throwing a grenade into the process.” But an initial warning from Israeli Mossad leaders was also delivered last week in Israel to a Congressional delegation — including Corker, Graham, McCain and fellow Republican John Barrasso; Democratic Senators Joe Donnelly and Tim Kaine; and independent Angus King — according to lawmakers who were present and staff members who were briefed on the exchange. When Menendez (who was not on the trip) heard about the briefing, he quickly phoned Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer to seek clarification.

Barrasso told us Tuesday that different parts of the Israeli government told the delegation different things. “We met with a number of government officials from many different parts of the government. There’s not a uniform view there,” he said.

In a Wednesday morning hearing on Iran at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Corker talked about the Israel visit and said that his bill (not the Kirk-Menendez bill) was acceptable to all the Israeli officials they spoke with. “Some of us were in Israel this weekend over this very same issue. We have heard no one, no one, say that if Congress were to weigh in on the final agreement it would in any way destabilize the negotiations,” Corker said.

Our insufferable Congress, inviting a foreign leader who directly opposes the current President of the United State’s foreign policy and the diplomatic actions of the sitting Administration.

As Haaretz rightly frames this issue, this is an “attempt by Republican congressional leaders to intervene in the upcoming Israeli election in Netanyahu’s favor.”

Include Democratic Senator Menendez among these insufferable politicians and you’ve got an absolutely correct assessment.

This is not the job of any member of the U.S. Congress.