Dick Morris didn't raise a dime in 2014 for his anti-Hillary super PAC.

Dick Morris didn’t raise a dime in 2014 for his anti-Hillary super PAC.

reveal that the efforts of hyper aggressive anti-Hillary hater Dick Morris were a bust in 2014.

Dave Weigel
with the write-up.

Sixteen months ago, to some fanfare, Dick Morris re-entered the anti-Clinton fray with a new PAC. He launched Dick Morris’s Just Say No to Hillary PAC, registering it from Tampa. From time to time, stories about the potential hurdles for a Hillary Clinton run would cite the rise of PACs like Morris’s.

But there is a rather glaring problem with adding Morris to this narrative: No one has been giving money to his PAC. Literally, no one. In filings today, first flagged by Center for Public Integrity reporter Dave Levinthal, Just Say No to Hillary PAC reported no donors through all of 2014. That squares with data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Dick “Romney in a landslide” Morris’s anti-Hillary book last fall also bombed.

Perhaps he should have first done a tutorial with Ann Coulter, someone who knows how to monetize mania.