Dame Joan Collins, what women can be at 80-something!

Dame Joan Collins, what women can be at 81! Women have come along way to fighting the image of aging.
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THERE IS nothing like a great dame, with Joan Collins putting to rest the notion that any woman has to age gracefully. Rather it’s about staying your best self, which requires discipline, no matter your budget. Of course, if you have the cash, from plastic surgery to non-invasive measures, to things as simple as bioidentical hormone creams made famous by Suzanne Somers, you can fight the age battle.

Dame Joan Collins even has a new gig, playing royals wrangler, evidently called a “momager,” on the first scripted E! television show starring Elizabeth Hurley, “The Royals.” Can’t beat that.

The best dressed award bestowed on Dame Joan Collins this past week by the strong new quartet of “Fashion Police” would certainly get the approval of the late Joan Rivers. Kathy Griffin is a tremendous addition, and there’s something about her relationship with Giuliana Rancic that is electric and wonderful. Brad Goreski, who’s a sweetheart, and Kelly Osbourne round out the cast. Rancic was particularly funny during this past Monday’s review of SAG ensembles, unafraid to come down on Laverne Cox’s ensemble, which she said was “f-ing hideous.” (It was.) Love the dame, hate the dress. This despite all the hosting drama being stirred up by the tabloids.

Speaking of Joan Rivers, her daughter Melissa has filed an epic wrongful death suit, with the horrific details sickening enough to make Fox News Channels’ “Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly. Rolling Stones has the report.

Rivers family lawyer Jeffrey Bloom said the doctors acted as “groupies” in a statement, according to the New York Daily News, and that the comedian “would have been doing Fashion Police last week,” if they had done their jobs. Bloom and another attorney, Ben Rubinowitz, expressed further anger when speaking to the AP. “To put it mildly, we are not just disappointed by the acts and omissions leading to the death of Joan Rivers, but we are outraged by the lack of care and concern for Ms. Rivers on the part of her treating physicians and the endoscopy center where the treatment was rendered,” they said.

The lawsuit alleges that Rivers was unable to expel carbon dioxide from her lungs and suffered a heart attack and brain damage as a result, the Daily News reports. It also claims that the clinic’s medical director, Lawrence Cohen, allowed Rivers’ personal ear, nose and throat doctor, Gwen Korovin, into the room to perform an unauthorized biopsy windpipe exam. During the biopsy, which took part in two parts, Cohen took pictures of Korovin at work. One of the defendant anesthesiologists tried to intervene when Rivers’ vitals changed, but did not call for a tracheotomy kit for another 17 minutes; it ultimately went unused.

Joan Rivers would have loved to see 81 year-old Dame Joan Collins strut down the red carpet in such style.

From Jane Fonda to Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand, to Dame Joan Collins, these amazing women are leading us all into a new era where women are encouraged to challenge what they can expect of themselves and life after 50.

It’s not easy to age, but anyone who has been in show business (all the way down to my experiences) knows that it starts very early, like when you turn 30! …let alone when you get over 50. …or 70!

It begins to answer Rush Limbaugh, who back in 2007 asked “does our looks-obsessed culture want to look at an aging woman,” talking about Hillary Clinton.

We’re just now getting to the point where women can open films and turn them into blockbusters. There’s the first successful female buddy movie, The Heat, before that Bridesmaids, and now we can look forward to the all-female cast of Ghostbusters. It’s not far enough, but we have come a long way, ladies, and it’s only just begun.

The all-female cast of the “Ghostbusters” reboot has reportedly been chosen. The Paul Feig comedy has been buzzed about for months, and now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Melissa McCarthy has officially signed on for a lead role. (She was reportedly in negotiations earlier this month.) But that’s not all: According to THR, Kristen Wiig and “SNL” stars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are now in negotiations for their parts. The film is scheduled to start shooting this summer. [Huffington Post]