Clinton in Canada, Fit, and Fierce on Foreign Policy.

Clinton in Canada, looking fit, speaking fiercely and kicking “rhetorical butt of every Republican” on foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton’s potential place in history and her husband’s tenure in the White House boost her presidential prospects, while Jeb Bush’s political legacy and Mitt Romney’s 2012 run for the office are negatives, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. […] The national survey finds 53 to 56 percent support for Clinton among registered voters against each of these potential Republican candidates, while they get 39 to 41 percent. One reason is that Clinton is stronger in her political base, given the far more fragmented nature of the current GOP field. [ABC News]

THERE WAS no mistaking the trimmer, more fit Hillary Clinton who spoke in Canada on Wednesday. Whatever Republicans think about her term as Secretary of State, there isn’t one of them who can compete on the subject of foreign policy, and I’m not the only one who thinks this anymore.

One of the most established media players, Mark Halperin, had a classic reaction to Clinton’s remarks in Canada (see video below).

“… And kicks the rhetorical butt of every Republican thinking of running for president. The level of command she has… not just intellectual command, but emotional command, leader command of all these issues, and in an integrated way. A lot of her secretary of state work was a little below the radar, some of it was prominent, but she learned a ton.. …there’s almost no one out there, including Mitt Romney, who can talk about stuff, foreign policy the way she can. It is formidable.

Even with access being all important in media, especially to camp Clinton, the effusiveness of these remarks wasn’t required.

John Heilemann added the coda, saying that any Republican who thinks he can beat Hillary Clinton on foreign policy by “yelling Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi” needs to listen to what she said in Canada to appreciate how “formidable” she is on these topics.

Anyone following Clinton’s foreign policy speeches all of these years sees her remarks in Canada as refining what she’s learned and come to formulate what will be the Clinton doctrine, 21st century edition.

One issue making news from this trip is Clinton’s continued refusal to weigh in on Keystone Pipeline, because it’s currently being debated in Congress.

No one should be surprised, however, that if President Obama is forced into a veto on Keystone, Hillary Clinton could be the first to step out to say he made the correct decision.

Hillary’s easily delivered schtick on her husband is priceless and shows the side of her that anyone who knows her says is her greatest asset. Yes, she’s wicked smart, but it’s her whip sharp sense of humor that endears her to so many.