Republicans Threaten Obama Over Loretta Lynch Nomination

By |November 9th, 2014|

Pres. Obama nominates Loretta Lynch for attorney general, a woman who has spent her career just doing the job quietly, professionally and without a lot of fanfare. “Democrat senators who just lost their seats shouldn't confirm (a) new attorney general,” [Sen. Ted Cruz] tweeted on Friday, after news surfaced that Lynch would officially [...]

Women Only 25% of Donations for Women Candidates, Amounts are Small

By |November 7th, 2014|

Women are stingy when they donate to women candidates, with only 25% of donations coming from women. Photo via Ready for Hillary on Instagram But over the past few days, a consensus formed among those close to Mrs. Clinton that it is time to accelerate her schedule: She faces pressure to resurrect the [...]

The One Thing That Will Kill Your Sex Life

By |November 7th, 2014|

It's your sex life, so do something about it. cross-posted on HuffPostWomen You cannot get lazy. It's the number one reason couples quit having sex, which over time is a killer, no matter how strong the two of you start out. Few excuses for not having sex are worth the long-term price. Of [...]

Enter Hillary Clinton, On Her Own At Last

By |November 6th, 2014|

Hillary Clinton finally has the playing field to herself. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, her allies, have finally receded into the background. It's up to her now. “She has an opportunity to articulate what’s happening with the economy in ways the president has not,’’ said Stan Greenberg, a Democratic pollster who advised [...]

Republicans Beat Democrats at Their Own Game

By |November 6th, 2014|

Republicans beat Democrats at their own game. They need a face lift. ...and a message! screen capture from The Daily Show The Democratic Party leadership is going to look old and stale in comparison to where the Republicans are." - Chuck Todd HOW BADLY did Republicans beat Democrats on Tuesday? They went to [...]

Repudiated: Pres. Obama and Democrats Humiliated in Midterms

By |November 5th, 2014|

Pres. Obama repudiated in midterm catastrophe that turned Maryland red, and almost sacked Mark Warner in Virginia. Photo by Pete Souza, public domain “It’s all about Obama,” the strategist told them. “That’s the way we win.” [Washington Post] IF THE late night article in the Washington Post wasn't enough to illustrate the fury [...]

Exit Polls, Election Results and Pot at the Polls

By |November 4th, 2014|

It's the Republicans with the advantage, with election results beginning with the first exit polls due in at 5 pm EST.screen capture via The Daily Show Residents of Oregon and Alaska will decide whether to follow Colorado and Washington, which in 2012 approved the world’s only regulated markets in the drug. The vote [...]

Pres. Obama Will Be in the Booth with Voters Today

By |November 4th, 2014|

President Obama may not be on the ballot, but he'll be in a lot of voters' minds when they cast their vote today. Photo by Pete Souza, public domain I recently asked a top Democratic strategist why he worried about a Republican Senate takeover when, after all, McConnell would still need Democratic votes [...]

Democrats Ran on Nothing, Biden Signifies “Compromise” Ahead

By |November 3rd, 2014|

Democrats ran on nothing, so now Pres. Obama and V.P. Biden are preparing to make deals. Photo by Pete Souza, public domain HERE COMES the grand bargain? Considering the 2014 midterms comprised Democrats standing for nothing, expect to be anti-Obama, it's anybody's guess what's next if the polling currently rising to the top [...]

Joni Ernst Responds to Tom Harkin’s Old Man’s Club Senate Sexism

By |November 3rd, 2014|

Tom Harkin is a sexist pig and proves it with his statement about Iowa Republican Joni Ernst.Photo via Ernst campaign, by Shealah Craighead “Well I gotta to thinking about that. I don’t care if she’s as good looking as Taylor Swift or as nice as Mr. Rogers, but if she votes like Michele [...]