Supreme Court closes the marriage equality debate down.   Graphic via BuzzFeed

Sen. Ted Cruz unloads on Supreme Court, who has now closed the marriage equality debate down.

Graphic via BuzzFeed

IT’S OVER and it took a long time evolving, but the Supreme Court officially ended the marriage equality debate on Monday.

For Gov. Scott Walker, it was the end of a ridiculous fight by a so-called conservative who is supposed to be for less government, which should include staying out of people’s private lives.

“For us, it’s over in Wisconsin. … The federal courts have ruled that this decision by this court of appeals decision is the law of the land and we will be upholding it,” Walker said.

Senator Ted Cruz went postal, rhetorically speaking, of course.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to let rulings by lower court judges stand that redefine marriage is both tragic and indefensible,” said Sen. Cruz. “By refusing to rule if the States can define marriage, the Supreme Court is abdicating its duty to uphold the Constitution. The fact that the Supreme Court Justices, without providing any explanation whatsoever, have permitted lower courts to strike down so many state marriage laws is astonishing.

“This is judicial activism at its worst. The Constitution entrusts state legislatures, elected by the People, to define marriage consistent with the values and mores of their citizens. Unelected judges should not be imposing their policy preferences to subvert the considered judgments of democratically elected legislatures.

“The Supreme Court is, de facto, applying an extremely broad interpretation to the 14th Amendment without saying a word – an action that is likely to have far-reaching consequences. Because of the Court’s decision today, 11 States will likely now be forced to legalize same-sex marriage: Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. And this action paves the way for laws prohibiting same-sex marriage to be overturned in any state.

“It is beyond dispute that when the 14th Amendment was adopted 146 years ago, as a necessary post-Civil War era reform, it was not imagined to also mandate same-sex marriage, but that is what the Supreme Court is implying today. The Court is making the preposterous assumption that the People of the United States somehow silently redefined marriage in 1868 when they ratified the 14th Amendment.

“Nothing in the text, logic, structure, or original understanding of the 14th Amendment or any other constitutional provision authorizes judges to redefine marriage for the Nation. It is for the elected representatives of the People to make the laws of marriage, acting on the basis of their own constitutional authority, and protecting it, if necessary, from usurpation by the courts.

“Marriage is a question for the States. That is why I have introduced legislation, S. 2024, to protect the authority of state legislatures to define marriage. And that is why, when Congress returns to session, I will be introducing a constitutional amendment to prevent the federal government or the courts from attacking or striking down state marriage laws.

“Traditional marriage is an institution whose integrity and vitality are critical to the health of any society. We should remain faithful to our moral heritage and never hesitate to defend it.”

As you can see from his step by step illogical unwinding, Sen. Ted Cruz just saw his presidential fantasy go pfft! and he’s not taking it very well. It was only ever an illusion.

I’m so very happy for all the people who will now be able to choose marriage. What they’ll soon discover is that the freedom to be wed opens a door to the mysteries of long-term partnership that a simple legal document magically changes irrevocably.

You think you know your partner? Marriage will open new avenues you never dreamed of walking down. It’s a marvelous, often frightening, never dull adventure.

One important piece of advice: Make sure sexual intimacy is the bedrock of your union. You’ll need it at times to remind you of the connection that can be forgotten when things get rocky.