Can you imagine Chris Christie as president and on your TV screen for 4 years straight?

Can you imagine Chris Christie on your TV screen for 4 years? Scary, isn’t it.

THE ANGRY AMERICAN voter is watching Gov. Chris Christie and saying, “He tells it like it is. I’m sick of politicians saying things they don’t mean just for politics.” Republicans like this in your face stuff. Can you imagine if a woman did this on camera? Now imagine this reaction on a loop for the entire presidential campaign. Imagine it for four years every day.

David Axelrod on “Morning Joe”:

“This has always been the fatal flaw of Chris Christie’s presidential campaign,” Axelrod said after seeing the video. “I’ve been through a few presidential races, and I’ve got to tell you, every day is filled with aggravations and provocations, and if that’s the way he’s going to react, he has no future in this.”

He continued, “I think he thinks that this kind of ‘Sopranos’ approach to politics marks him as a strong leader. I think it marks him as an angry man.”

What’s interesting if you consider Christie’s “sit down and shut up” bombast, as well as Axelrod’s reaction, is an important article I read while I was at the Washington Ideas Forum about Hillary Clinton. It’s in Politico Magazine and here’s one particularly excerpt referencing the 2008 primary campaign:

“You can get in her head,” a former Obama staffer who worked on opposition research against Clinton in 2008 told us. It’s like psy-ops, one Republican Clinton specialist says: “She’s so easily rattled and taken off her game.”

Can you imagine an audience member with skill toying with Chris Christie, getting him to react? While he’s thinking he’s working the crowd, someone of skill could lead him off a campaign cliff. His type of behavior is going to wear thin, especially when you think of a Christie administration, but particularly the type of diplomatic touch he’d have.

Losing weight can be rough on your disposition, ask anyone who’s cutting down, but Christie was like this before he slimmed down….except there was a little more joy before, so maybe he is hungry.

As for Hillary in 2008, which is a big focus of the Politico Magazine article, that’s a lifetime ago. Whether she can win the nomination by delivering a reason for running and a vision for the country that Democratic primary voters embrace, as well as who’s on her team, etc., depends on developments that haven’t begun yet.

David Plouffe says to jump in, because she’s getting pilloried from all angles, even Jeb Bush has jumped in to criticize her.

Oh, and by the way, did you see that Michael Bay is in talks for a new Paramount film on Benghazi 13 Days? Had to happen, right?

Some people may stick with the Chris Christie, tell it like it is politician, but something’s twisted in the delivery in these last couple of years. He does look like the angry man, but instead of being mad at injustice or that the country’s going in the wrong direction, Chris Christie is pointing his anger with people who need his help and he’s doing it with less joy.

There was a time Chris Christie posed a potential challenge for Democrats, who this election cycle can’t seem to make a declarative sentence about anything, including that they voted for President Obama!

After seeing this video of Christie, Jeb Bush’s family and friends are going to be saying one thing loudly: Run, Jeb, run.