Hillary Clinton gets her populist groove on, which is freaking Republicans out. They're actually campaigning for her now!

Hillary Clinton gets her populist groove on, which is freaking Republicans out. They’re actually campaigning for her now!

LITTLE DO Republicans know, but between Free Beacon, Hot Air, Breitbart and the RNC highlighting Hillary Clinton’s populist message in Massachusetts, they’ve actually begun campaigning for Hillary, making a case that a segment of the progressive Democratic base doesn’t believe. The same people who bought that Barack Obama wouldn’t be an establishment player, just like every other candidate who makes it to the elite echelons of being nominated for one of the powerhouse political parties that run the American system.

Oh, and in case you didn’t catch it in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton is going to run on the prosperity of the 1990s, which was not only a time where everyone rose up, but business didn’t do bad either. Considering the Big Dawg’s mea culpa on derivatives, and that he can argue the veto proof majority on Glass–Steagall, there is a lot for Hillary to use. It’s something that few can argue against, especially with Bill Clinton’s demand off the charts.

I’ve done a rough transcript of the edited tape circulating, which should make any Democratic voter looking past the midterm elections happy about where Hillary’s going to go with her second presidential campaign.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. They always say that. I been through this. My husband gave working families a raise in the 1990s. I voted to raise the minimum wage and guess what: millions of jobs were created or paid better and more families were secure. That’s what we want to see hear and across the country. Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know… it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory of trickle down economics. That has been tried. That has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly. […]” – Hillary Clinton

Free Beacon offers an unintentionally hilarious line at the end of their post:

Clinton’s comment will likely be used frequently to attack her as another big-government Democrat. …

If this were true it would be a sure progressive primary aphrodisiac that would clinch the nomination for Clinton!

The conundrum for these attacks, whether or the right or the progressive left, where the extremist purists live in both parties, is that Hillary Clinton simply cannot be all of the things she’d being called: a Wall Street tool and a big-government Democrat who hates capitalism and freedom.

These stories about Hillary Clinton are matched with a weird obsession the New York Times has about trolling the Clintons, with two stories about their alleged battles inside the Democratic Party, one between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren, and the other about who had it worse with the right-wing attackers, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

There is only so far I’m going to wade into the click bait that’s already arrived, long before Hillary has even announced.

That Republicans are attacking Hillary Clinton for her populism is the best news Hillary has had since she found herself on the outside of an Administration that’s besieged on all fronts. Choices make a life and her choice to step away after one term as secretary of state was the only one she could ever make and survive to run for president again.

As the old saying goes, turned inside out, you run with the establishment player who’s got the most fire power [money and world respect], experience in working Washington, and who’s going to be the best advocate for women’s pay equality and rights that we can find, which means a raise for working families.

You don’t wait for perfection to surface while the villains gut the country.