Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo make matters worse with their aggressive Ebola quarantines.

Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo make matters worse with their aggressive Ebola quarantines.

To make matters worse, two ambitious governors — Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York — fed panic by imposing a new policy of mandatory quarantines for all health care workers returning from the Ebola-stricken countries of West Africa through John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty international airports. There is absolutely no public health justification for mandatory quarantines. [New York Times]

AS CRITICISM reached the point of no return, Governor Chris Christie turned to the “Today” show on Tuesday to make his case for the quarantine he and Governor Andrew Cuomo designed together. While up in Wisconsin Christie has a public spat breaking into the press with Governor Scott Walker, because he’s up against it against Democrat Mary Burke and wants more funds to fight her, not Governor Christie as a surrogate.

Robert Costa offered some very interesting tweets on the subject late Monday.

It’s all turning into a very awkward picture for Chris Christie.

Reporting from Politico:

“[T]he CDC has been behind on this. Folks got infected in Texas because they were behind,” Christie said, in reference to the multiple Ebola cases in Dallas. “And we’re not going to have folks being infected in New Jersey and in other states in this country. Governors ultimately have the responsibility to protect the public health and the public safety of the people within their borders when folks come in with this problem.”

He cited the five other states — Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York and Georgia — where quarantines are in place, as well as reports that the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended that the Pentagon impose a 21-day quarantine for troops returning from West Africa.

The real issue for Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo is that their moves are seen as blatantly political, instead of scientific.

By the end of Monday, Governor Chris Christie had released the nurse in quarantine citing the fact that she hadn’t had a fever for 24-hours. This was a new standard, so it seemed obvious to everyone that Christie had been forced to back away from his aggressive quarantine.

Letting his ego show, which had been inflamed over the criticism, Governor Christie made a statement that has become to represent a man who doesn’t like to be challenged.

Mr. Christie was defiant. “I didn’t reverse my decision,” he told reporters as he campaigned with Gov. Rick Scott, a fellow Republican, in Florida. “Why are you saying I reversed my decision? If she was continuing to be ill, she’d have to stay.” [New York Times]

Tuesday began the same way for Christie, with the White House left to stew about governors who refuse to follow federal guidelines, concocting their own instead.