Bill Clinton in Arkansas, showing everyone how it's done.

Bill Clinton in Arkansas working for Mark Pryor and Democrats, even knowing that it’s looking like a long shot that Pryor will win.

Screen capture from CSPAN video of Arkansas event with Mark Pryor.

WHILE EVERYONE is predicting the demise of Democrats in November, President Bill Clinton hits Arkansas for Senator Mark Pryor, one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country. Talking to young people about voting their dreams has become his new passion. Funny thing about Bill Clinton, he’s not worried about catching negative press if Pryor loses anyway. It just doesn’t cross his mind to worry about his own reputation before an election. He’s always all in, because Democrats have “benched” President Obama.

“I am obsessed. I love this place. If it hadn’t been been for me coming here to Fayetteville more than four decades ago I never would have become governor, I never would have become president, nothing else would have happened.” – President Bill Clinton

That quote was a slap at a recent Daily Beast post last week titled “Bubba Goes Back to the Briar Patch: Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Obsession.” Clinton also hit back on the “briar patch” while he was at it, which you can see over at Bloomberg Politics or CSPAN.

“And I didn’t come back to the briar patch, I’m here, I came back to the future, the future of Arkansas and the future of America.” – President Bill Clinton

If you haven’t caught Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s new show “With All Due Respect” yet, their “Political Science Theater” was worth the entire show, which is only 30 minutes and flies by like it’s ten. It was all about President Bill Clinton in Arkansas, which was quite a romp.

One of the things Clinton talked about in Arkansas hinted at a subject that’s got Democratic Senate campaigns reportedly furious. It was President Obama‘s remark, “I’m not on the ballot this fall … but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot — every single one of them.”

Republicans jumped on it, because nationalizing the midterm elections against President Obama is just what the GOP needs to put life into a campaign cycle that they should be winning by a mile, but aren’t.

This tweet from Reince Priebus makes it clear.

In the debate in Georgia, David Perdue was blunt: “I am absolutely running against Barack Obama and Harry Reid.”

In Arkansas this week, President Bill Clinton didn’t waste the moment.

“They want you to make this a protest vote… …It’s a pretty good scam, isn’t it?” President Clinton warned.

Senator Mark Pryor could lose even with the Democratic Elvis pulling out all the stops. He’s behind Tom Cotton right now by almost 4 points.

William Jefferson Clinton is a master of spinning polling and he’s willing to put it all on the line and know that he did everything he could to help Democrats in his home state, because at this point his reputation is golden. The critics have been silenced and it’s no accident that he’s the only Democrat seen in polling that can still make a difference.

There is no one in American political history who can match Bill Clinton at retail politics. At a time when everyone looks fake, to see a hometown boy go back and remember the folks that put him on the map, there is just something so genuinely magical about the heart he’s showing that you know you’re seeing something you’ll never see again in our lifetime.

The most wonderful thing about watching him today is that you can tell he’s recovered from his lifesaving and altering heart surgery, which I’ve written about many times before, including in The Hillary Effect.

Living to be a grandfather was worth turning vegan. It’s got President Clinton thinking about inspiring yet another generation. It’s quite clear from his latest trip to Arkansas that the Big Dawg is back.

“Why are all these people trying to get you to cast resentment votes?” Clinton, the state’s beloved former governor, said of national Republicans. “You’re too young. You should be voting for what you’re for. … You should be voting for your dreams.” [Politico]