Africa's nightmare, but living in America makes us safe.

Africa’s nightmare is about to get worse, but living in America makes us safe from the tragedy.

“Of course we should have a surgeon general in place,” [Senator Ted] Cruz responded. “And we don’t have one because President Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist.” [TPM]

AFRICA remains in dire peril over the deadly Ebola virus, which was made very clear on Meet the Press Sunday. The set up came when Chuck Todd asked Anthony Banbury, the head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, about one primary goal and whether it can be met. Other guests revealed any optimism for reaching the goal was basically absolute rubbish.

All of this is happening two weeks before the midterm elections, which is reminding voters of their distrust of our institutions and President Obama’s inability to do change what’s appearing daily in the news.

It should be noted, thankfully, that most of America is going about the daily chore of living life. Very few are obsessed about Ebola spreading through this country, though you can count on our ethically challenged politicians to use fear-mongering in place of anything remotely approaching common sense. After all, we are two weeks away from Election Day.

Listening to what’s going on in Africa is a wake up call for what can happen in countries with underdeveloped infrastructure, to put it mildly.

CHUCK TODD: You have a goal of 70% of burials must be safe, 70% of cases isolated locally or in a clinic within 60 days. That was a goal you set, I believe, about 30 days ago. Are you going to hit it?

ANTHONY BANBURY: The goal was set on October 1st. We have to meet those targets by December 1st. It’s about 42 days left. And those targets, the reason they’re important is because that’s how we start to bend the curve. How we start to decrease transmissions rather than continuously increasing ones.

We just spent four days with about a hundred top experts from around the world, including top officials from UN agencies here in Accra, figuring out how we’re going to hit in [sic]. Now it’s about consulting with the governments and implementation, getting this done.

Laurie Garrett likely caused jaws to drop during Sunday brunch by daring to give viewers some very hard truths about Ebola in Africa. As a Pulitzer-prize winning science journal, Garrett isn’t interested in spinning, which her answer to Chuck Todd’s questions proved.

CHUCK TODD: That December 1st deadline not going to happen?


LAURIE GARRETT: Never going to happen.

CHUCK TODD: Never going to happen?

LAURIE GARRETT: You just do the math right now.


LAURIE GARRETT: Okay? We know we’re off by a factor of 2.5, meaning that most of the people are never getting reported in the system because they never come to a health facility and health facilities are all full. So CDC estimates that for every one you know about, there’s 2.5 you don’t know about. So if you take the raw numbers of what’s been officially reported, close to 9,000 cases, cumulatively, you do that by 2.5, you’re way over the 20,000 point that was projected for November.

It’s doubling every two weeks. We’re going to be looking at 100,000 cases by the time we sit down for Thanksgiving. We’re going to be looking at 200,000, 300,000 cases by Christmas. We’re looking at an exploding epidemic. And it’s out of control because it’s in the general population.

I’ve been traveling for the last few days, but I must say two things struck me as I followed news items.

That we still do not have a surgeon general.

The real idiocy is learning that President Obama appointed Ron Klain as Ebola czar. Now, this is no insult to Mr. Klain, who is capable, though his connections are even more powerful. However, he has about as much business in this job as I do, though I’m fairly certain he’s serving his president as a good American, regardless of this fact.

No good deed goes unpunished, however.

It’s really something that a country that’s supposed to be the greatest on earth has a Congress that is so feckless that they are AWOL on war in the Middle East, but also are completely uninterested in confirming a surgeon general in the middle of an Ebola epidemic that is the worst in human history and, if you’re listening to experts, is going to continue to spread in Africa killing many, many more, with little hope of containment as the experts outline it today.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Let’s just remember that we live in America. Congress is for s#*!, but not even their incompetence, lying and chicken little routines can change the fact that we’re a world away from Ebola spreading through our country.

…and for the numbskulls who think a travel ban is a good idea, shut up! There is dire need for people to help victims in Africa, but they’re not going to travel if they think they can’t come home.