Panthers finally deactivate convicted domestic abuser.  from USA Today

Panthers finally deactivate convicted domestic abuser Greg Hardy.
from USA Today, via Twitter #GoodellMustGo

Greg Hardy, the Carolina Panthers defensive end who earned a jury conviction in July for choking and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend, has been deactivated by his team ahead of Sunday’s matchup against the Detroit Lions. [CBS News]

AFTER PANTHERS owner Panthers owner Jerry Richardson‘s disgraceful crying jag during an award ceremony celebrating indifference, the public furor finally forced their hand and today Greg Hardy was deactivated.

Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers, who was arrested for felony battery against his girlfriend, who is 11 weeks pregnant, gets a pass for the time being.

The 49ers, meanwhile, have said they will not tolerate a domestic abuser on the team but they would not act until there are facts and evidence indicating guilt and have repeatedly said they will allow “due process” to play out.

McDonald should be benched until the investigation is completed, not assumed “innocent” after being arrested after police were called and evidence showed “visible injuries” on his fiancé that included “bruises on her arm and one on her neck,” according to the SacBee.

What a difference a videotape makes.

The hashtag #GoodellMustGo is catching fire.

Meanwhile, UltraViolet, a progressive women’s group, is taking their campaign to airspace abvoe the fields.

UltraViolet’s planes will fly for two hours over three NFL stadiums prior to the start of the Week 2 games. “One plane will fly over MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, before the New York Giants’ game against the Arizona Cardinals. Banners will also be displayed above stadiums in Cleveland and San Francisco, along with one ahead of the Monday night NFL game in Indianapolis,” Bloomberg reports.

The campaign is against all odds, because nothing can stop the juggernaut of the NFL, which is supported by millions of fans, including women. Some of whom shamefully still support Ray Rice and other celebrity thugs.

Roger Goodell is not in much jeopardy at this point either. It will take a very long and sustained campaign to remove him from a spot that benefits the billionaire owners.